And Jesus Wept

In today’s Gospel, Jesus returns to his friends, Mary and Martha, in hopes of healing their ailing brother, Lazarus.  He is too late and is told of their brother’s death.

“And Jesus wept.”  Those three words tell more about Our Lord’s humanness then probably any other scripture.  Jesus grieved for the loss of his friend and he showed it by openly crying.
Of course, everyone else is standing around wondering why He didn’t show up earlier in the first place and just cured Lazarus.  But my own interpretation is that He delayed his arrival deliberately.  Raising Lazarus from the dead is obviously a big deal and a teachable moment, however, I can’t get past “And Jesus wept.”

What I find interesting is the fact that throughout the Gospels, there is no statement about Jesus laughing.  Surely, at some point, the disciples and Jesus and other followers laughed.  Would you hang around someone who didn’t have a sense of humor?

We know that Jesus is compassionate because he heals the sick and he also displays a bit of impatience with His disciples when they just don’t seem to “get it.”  Weeping is a strong emotion, especially when done in front of people.  Especially when a man does it in front of people.
Jesus weeping tells us he had strong human emotions.  The writers of the Gospels don’t talk about the laughter that they shared with Jesus.  Maybe it was the times or the writers themselves.  Perhaps if a woman had written one of the Gospels, she would have talked about Jesus, laughing and smiling.
Or that He shook His head often, and with a twinkle in His eye, He smiled at them.  After all, the disciples were an amusing bunch!

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