A Letter To Kaitlyn on Her First Communion

Dear Kaitlyn,

Today is the big day!  You’ve planned your party (well, maybe your mom did!), picked out your dress, had your hair and pictures done.  All the “outwardly” signs.  You’ve done the “inside” stuff as well.  You’ve gone to church, attended classes, studied and talked about your faith.
When you walk down the aisle of the church, you continue a long history in our family.  It’s kind of a big responsibility for such pretty little shoulders, but I think you’ll be up for the challenge.
Sometimes being Catholic isn’t easy.  It wasn’t easy for Jesus either.  The disciples were not the brightest bunch, but He loved them with all His heart and He gave them the responsibility of continuing His message after He wasn’t physically with them anymore.  That’s why He left them (and us) the Eucharist.

This is your first step towards continuing that faith and it is a very important one.  Taking Holy Communion every week at Mass is going to strengthen you.  It’s going to give you that armor and shield to go out into the world and face some of the difficulties that surely will come along during your life.  It’s also going to give you tremendous joy in the beautiful faith that we have.

So, if you ever feel like you are losing your faith, struggling in your faith or just feeling wonderful about your faith and want to share that, you call me.  
God Bless You Abundantly!
Aunt Pam

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