Bill Maher And The Catholic Church

It came to my attention through a News Feed that Bill Maher decided to ridicule the Catholic Church the other day.  I read the article and watched the video.  I wish I hadn’t.  I can’t imagine what the victims and their families might think if they saw it.  For me, it was like a knife thrust in my heart and then twisted.  It is then that I realized how much I love my Church and my faith.
I have mentioned the book, “The Courage To Be Catholic,” by George Weigel in my other blogs.  It is an amazing look at the inner workings of the Church and why the scandal happened in the first place and more importantly, how the Church can recover from it.  When someone confronts me about the scandal, I usually recommend the book, but I know they won’t read it.  Anyone who hates the Catholic Church doesn’t care about that.  Their only point is, well, to hate.
Keeping the scandal in the news is not a bad thing.  Unfortunately, the Church seems to be able to do that all by herself.  The recent suspension of 21 priests in Philadelphia has once again, put a spotlight on the evil that lurks within it.  George Weigel points out in his book that the responsibility of the priests lies with the local bishops.  The bishops need to interview each and every priest in their diocese and make sure that their faith and conduct is first and foremost Catholic!  And in my opinion, if there’s even a hint of a problem the priest should be at minimum sent on sabbatical and into therapy so that there is no question as to where he is spiritually.
There will always be someone out there who will hate us.  Jesus knew that.   And Jesus knew what is was like to be hated more then any one of us will ever know or experience.
In this country it is acceptable to be anti-Catholic.  It is a prejudice that is tolerated – even welcomed.  As Catholics we can show the world what we’re truly made of.  I firmly believe that we can reach out to all those who were harmed by this horrific scandal by living the Gospel outside the buildings we call church and being the face of our faith.
What Bill Maher and others like him, don’t realize is that their ridicule and hatred of the Church will NEVER change the hearts and minds of those who love it.  
Does Bill Maher really think I’m going to leave my church and follow him?


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  • Bill Maher is a douchebag (and probably has herpes).

  • I think George Carlin said it best, "Religion is bullshit." BTW, Bill Maher has been attacking the Catholic church (and pretty much all religions) for years, mainly for being hypocritical and the cause of most of the world's problems.

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    Wish George Carlin said "religion is bullshit" at a comedy club in the Middle East, rather than some venue in Vegas. Coward.

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    Maher and his type can

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    People need to remember that Bill Maher and George Carlin are/were both commedians. Maher fully admits it over and over. The last thing he wants is for anyone to follow him anywhere. And the first amendment of our constitution guarantee's them both the right to say what they think, along with all of you. That is one of the things I love the most about my country. The right to say what I think without the fear of the government shooting me where I stand. Also, the best way to quiet anyone is to stop listening. For instance, if we stopped giving media time and attention to the Westboro Church's hateful activities, they would fade away. Lastly, what happened to this countries sense of humor? Not everyone is going to agree with everything. But as someone I respect once said - I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend your right to say it.

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    No one is challenging Maher and others right to say anything they want. Some of us are challenging their moral and ethical standards, which deserve a review. The fact is, they talk the toughest about the easiest targets while giving others a complete pass since they are afraid of the consequences.

    A much more talented and successful comic, Dennis Miller, routinely takes radical Islamists and other groups to task for recent events. Maher might earn more respect and a wider audience if he'd stop subordinating his "comedy" to his ideology and bias.

    I trust your concept of tolerance extends to all. Here's a test-- suppose David Duke, the KKK leader, decided to bankroll a cable TV revival of the "Amos 'N' Andy" show complete with racist offensive stereotypes (this was a hugely popular "black" comedy on network TV in the 1950's, after all). Would you support and defend that along with Maher, since only the target groups are different? Or, to paraphrase Orwell, are some animals more equal than others?

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    Sorry this took so long, but yes, David Duke would have the right to do that. Would it be morally right? Of course not. And we can only hope that no one would watch. I'm old enough to remember when Frank Connor marched with his Nazi group in Skokie. As abhorent as that entire group was, they still had the right to make asses of themselves if that's what they chose to do. Is he still around? Nope. Had his 15 minutes of fame and faded away.

    Maher does take on the Islamic extremists on occasion but probably not as much as Miller. He usually sticks to whatever is going on that week. And no, "some animals are not more equal than others". We cannot dictate compassion, honesty, or brotherhood as much as we would like to. We can just continue to quietly work for it and hope someone is listening. :-)

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