A Psalm For Women - Women's History Month

A Psalm For Women by Carol Gura (Catholic Women’s Devotional Bible NRSV)

Divine Wisdom, out of love and compassion
You created me
  and called me “woman”
bone of bones and flesh of flesh
companion and partner with man.
You created me in your 
own image to be fruitful
  and to fill the earth with life,
leading ordering and empowering
  the created universe,
together with the holy women and men,
  created and infused with your spirit of love.

You have drawn me into a web

of woven threads with the ancient ones
Eve and Esther
  Ruth and Naomi
    Sara and Rebecca.
You have drawn me into a sisterhood 
of pieces and patterns
designed by holy women
Mary and Elizabeth
  Martha of Bethany and Mary of Magdala
    Priscilla and Lydia.
You have drawn me into a kinship
with the wild, daring, holy women
  whose lives flavor my own
Therese of Lisieux and Catherine of Siena
  Clare of Assisi and Teresa of Avila
    Margaret of Hungary and Briget of Kildare.
You have drawn me into a union
  with the wise women
    of my own time and culture
  Dorothy Day and Thea Bowman
    Mother Teresa and Edith Stein
      Simone Weil and
      Catherine de Hueck Doherty.
In their company I will spring up, blossom and grow 
into the woman of wisdom
  You have molded and formed
    from the beginning time.


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