The Sacraments

A few days ago I asked my friends if they were interested in contributing to my blog.  My friend Donna was the first to respond:

In my opinion, being Catholic really means being set apart from other Christians by the reverence we hold for the seven sacraments.  Catholicism is the only Christian faith that so strongly emphasizes the importance of the sacraments as a source of grace and as a means of joining oneself to the Lord.  Other Christians may be baptized, participate in the Eucharist, and even be confirmed; however, they do not formally reconcile with the Lord through the intervention of a priest, join themselves in marriage as if wedded by the Lord, become consecrated by Him as ministers in the priesthood or as deacons, or recieve His annointing at the hour of severe illness and/or death; at least not in the sacred, ritualistic manner that Catholics do.
Thus, being Catholic really centers on the sacraments and their role as a conduit for the Holy Spirit in the lives of the faithful.  I am not aware of any other Christian faith that revolves so completely around these holy mysteries.

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