The C-Word

I used to be a news hound.  I watched news show after news show until my eyes were bleary.  Slowly I got away from it and now I only watch a bit of the local news just to make sure Chicago is okay.  I read the newspaper online and in print.  I get emails from Catholic sources to use for my blog.
Occasionally, as I flip through the channels I’ll catch a self-proclaimed liberal yapping about tolerance and civility.  Until the “c” word is mentioned.  Apparently all tolerance is lost if it concerns Christians or Catholics.
The worst part is when the news organizations show the film of that church group that goes to protest against funerals of service men.  Their hatefilled rants are astonishing and I wonder, “Do people really think Christians are like this?”  These people aren’t even Christian!  But this small group gets a lot of attention and I just wish that whenever they make a big announcement of what they’ll be doing next, the cameras don’t show up.
When the priest scandal broke it forever tainted how the news media reported on the Catholic church.  It seemed that the scandal had to be brought into any story concerning the church.  In this case, I think media scrutiny was a good thing.  The Catholic church needed a wake-up call and there were Catholic talking heads that made sure that those responsible for covering up what was going on were held accountable.
But the bottom line to cutting off a lot of the news is my own self-preservation.  After listening to the constant yammering, my heart and soul felt like they may burst.  It wasn’t just the scandal, either.  It was the self-righteous, “I’m smarter then you,” my way or the highway attitude that seemed to permeate the airwaves.
My mind would go back to the scandal.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the victims and their families and I felt helpless.  Would my prayers ever be enough to console and heal them?
If you really want to know about the scandal, how it happened in the first place, what was going on at the Vatican and local levels, and what the Church is doing about it now, read George Weigel’s excellent The Courage to Be Catholic:  Crisis, Reform and the Future of the Catholic Church.  It was eye-opening and gave me hope!


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  • I find it sad and somewhat telling that you think you can make the proclamation "These people aren't even Christian!" about anyone other than yourself. If you want to see the source of "the self-righteous, 'I'm smarter then you,' my way or the highway attitude that seemed to permeate the airwaves," just have a look in the mirror.

  • In reply to gajillion:

    Gajillion, siblingless' comment was intended specifically for those protesters spewing "hatefilled rants," not just anyone but herself. She made no proclamation, but simply pointed out that these protesters refuse to follow the central Christian tenet of love towards others.

    Authentic Christianity requires kindess and respect toward every human being on the planet. Those protesters ignored that mandate by choosing to make a public scene during the emotional grief of a funeral, disrespecting the families gathered there to mourn.

    Christianity is supposed to equal love, plain and simple. Regardless of whether those who identify as Christians follow that precept or not, by their actions and words, the intention of the faith remains.

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