Super Bowl Sunday? Ronald Reagan's Birthday? ... Not Really

I know that today is Ronald Reagan’s birthday and that’s it’s Super Bowl Sunday (GO STEELERS!), but what really matters today is it’s the birthday of someone very special to me.  Number 1 son was born 27 years ago today.  He weighed 9 lbs and 4 oz.  Thanks to him, his brother and sister have perfectly round heads.  Can you say c-section?
Those first several months were brutal.  That child screamed non-stop and no matter what we did or what the doctor recommended he continued to scream.  By the time #1 son quieted down, I was pregnant with #2 son.  My husband warily asked, “Do you think #2 will scream like #1?”  “No,” I said.  “God wouldn’t do that to us twice.”  And He didn’t.
Those early years have gotten a bit blurry, but I remember the blonde toddler with the mega-watt smile climbing up a ladder to help his dad or taking my wedding ring off my finger and running with determination into the kitchen to throw it between the wall and the sink!  I remember when his brother was a little baby, I was trying to open a window.  It fell on both my hands and I was trapped!  I screamed, but no one heard me.  The only thing #1 son could think of doing was getting his blanket!  I finally managed to get free, but I still see the fear in that little round face.
I had watched Challenger’s horrific crash live 25 years ago.  And apparently, so did #1 son.  My mother-in-law and I were shopping with both my boys in a clothing store when a woman came up to me and said, “Your son is talking about the space shuttle that exploded!”  I thought she might be a bit odd, but I asked my two year old what he was talking about and he told me all about how the space ship went up and exploded and never came down.  I was pretty much speechless.  He would tell anyone who would ask him all about it.
When #1 son was around 3 or 4 years old he swallowed a small lego.  I instructed my husband to take him across the street to the pediatrician while I watched #2 son.  As they headed out the door, I heard #1 say, “Am I going to die daddy?”  Fortunately he didn’t and things “came out” okay.
Grammar school went smoothly.  #1 got interested in karate for awhile, but then lost interest.  In high school, he hit a rough patch and my husband and I were really worried.  One day I watched him walk to school and my heart broke.  I didn’t know what to do for him or how to reach him and I was so scared!
In #1 son’s early 20’s he discovered Classic Rock – and the guitar (thank God!).  He’s outplayed me from the moment he picked it up.  I was so thrilled.  My dad, who was my first guitar teacher, would’ve been over the moon!
#1 son had been out of work for a while, but when he got a job he surprised me with a Barnes & Noble nook this past summer.  I had wanted one for a long time and when I opened the box, my hands shook.  I was so moved that he would think to buy his mother a gift like that, not for my birthday or a special occasion, but because he knew I wanted one and he finally had the money.
#1 son seems to be on track.  He has a good job though my husband and I wish he would go back to school.  When I go on a rant, #1 is my philosopher and sets me straight and back on course.
Happy Birthday #1, I love you!

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