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Counting My Blessings

Today I’m going to count my blessings:  1.  Great husband.  2.  Great kids.  3.  Roof over our heads.  4.  Food on the table.  5.  Writing this blog.  6.  “Stuff.”  (I love stuff!)  7.  We all have jobs (except for daughter who goes to school full time- THAT’S her job!).  8.  All cars currently running.  (Whew!)... Read more »

Prayers for Da Bears!

From Suzy (stolen from Don): Our Father, Who art in Chicago, football be thy game. Thy championship come, thy play be run, at home as it is aways! Give us this day our Sunday win, and forgive us our turnovers, though we pounce on those who turnover against us, and lead us not into fourth... Read more »

Putting Away the Christmas Tree

While I was taking down the Christmas tree I started to pause and look at some of the ornaments.  Many brought back a flood of memories.  The ornament that commemorates “our first Christmas” as a married couple, our sons’ first Christmas ornaments and our daughter’s.  She has the most because she arrived six weeks before... Read more »

Martin Luther King

Yesterday was the observance of Martin Luther King’s birthday.  I thought about writing an article, but then I decided to see what his niece, Dr. Alveda King had to say. Dr. Alveda King is full-time Director of African American Outreach for Priests and said that advice columns written by her uncle for Ebony magazine in... Read more »

A Good Butt Kicking!

Fr. John Corapi is that rare priest that blows me away every time he opens his mouth.  Fr. John was a late bloomer.  He didn’t become a priest until he was 44 years old and before that, he led a life that even the most imaginative scriptwriter in Hollywood could come up with!  I hear... Read more »

The Merry-Go-Round of Stupidity

I was talking to my daughter the other day about her plans for the future and it got me thinking about all the young people out there that are hopefully making their own plans. I know you don’t want to listen to me, but I hope you will.  As a young woman, I had dreams... Read more »

A Moment of Silence ... for the Bears?

Not really.  I spotted the Tribune’s Friday, January 14 article on the injunction that lifts the ban on the “moment of silence” in public schools.  I remember when I was in public high school and our principal had suddenly become seriously ill.  A moment of silence was requested in the auditorium where seniors gathered every... Read more »

Still Catholic After All These Years

One of my co-workers came bursting into our break room with the announcement that a new age dvd (which included the secrets of life free of charge!) had changed her life!  She went on and on about this amazing new journey she was on.  I listened to her patiently and then got out of there!... Read more »

Crossing Paths

My daughter told me not long ago how she has many friends of different faiths and they are all curious about each other’s beliefs.  Ah youth! I have found that I no longer have that curiosity.  I guess after years of searching and reading different books, once I found what I was looking for, nothing... Read more »

Beatification of Pope John Paul II

In the January 13, Thursday edition of the Tribune, I caught a short article on the beatification of Pope John Paul II.  Pope Benedict XVI, will approve the case of beatification according to sources in the Vatican.  The intercession of prayers to John Paul miraculously cured a nun with Parkinson’s disease which means only one... Read more »