F-Bombs & Other Curse Words

It seems like you can’t turn on the TV these days without hearing the f-bomb and other assorted curse words.  Don’t people know how to talk anymore?  I am not an innocent in this matter.  I’ve been known to swear on occasion, mostly when I’m by myself.  I’ll drop and break something, hit my crazy bone against an edge or just get overly frustrated and I let rip every swear word I know in one long sentence!  I feel better and I move on.  Sometimes.
A friend of mine pointed out that the “f-word” goes with everything, “Get off the effen phone!” or “Do you know what my effen ex did THIS time?”  She might have a point.
I’ve been known to pepper a conversation with a swear word now and then for emphasis, but I’ve cleaned up my act considerably since I’ve become Catholic and especially since I’ve had children.  When my kids were little, if I swore, they scattered like the roaches they were!  They knew mom was mad!
One day I was very angry at my mother.  I stood on our back porch and literally raised my fist toward heaven and let it rip!  I wanted God to punish her in the worst way.  I wanted her to pay for what she did to me, my father and others.  When I was finished, I thought about what I had just said and what it really meant.  Did I really want her to burn in hell?  Did I really want her to be damned by God?  Was vengeance that tasty that I would risk my own soul?
I started to cry.  No, I didn’t want those things.  I wasn’t that kind of person.  My faith had taught me differently and more importantly changed my own heart and soul.
I asked God to forgive my words, to help me forgive my mother and to pray for her.  I find comfort in the fact that God knows my true heart.  And when on occasion, a swear word finds its way out of my mouth, I cautiously look heavenward, and say “I’m sorry that I offended you.”

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