The Catholic View for Women ... Really!

When Oprah announced that she was quitting after 25 years and moving on to her “own” network, I wasn’t upset.  I watched a couple of her shows this season, but for the most part, I stopped watching her a long time ago.  I read a few of her book club selections, but after throwing one of the books against the wall in frustration, I quit reading anything she recommends.
The same with The View.  I watched it when it first started, but gradually a few of the hosts got on my last nerve and I moved on.
So I was thrilled when watching EWTN’s Fr. Mitch Pacwa interview three women; Teresa Tomeo, Janet Morana and Astrid Bennett-Gutierrez for their new show The Catholic View for Women which will debut in March 2011!  All three women have had their struggles with their faith, but have found a renewed sense of purpose.
The main stream media loves to dump on the Catholic church and it’s teachings.  It is the media’s mission, I think, to portray the Catholic church as a backward, women-hating, pedophile-priest-filled organization.  It makes me nuts!  This is not the Church that I love.  I came to Catholisim as an able-minded adult with no qualms about what I was getting into.  I have many choices of roles within the church and I’ve participated in them.  As far as the scandal goes, read “The Courage to Be Catholic,” by George Weigel.  Mr. Weigel nails it as far as how the scandal happened, who’s to blame and how the Church can recover and heal those who have been so deeply hurt by this terrible tragedy.  Even if you’re not Catholic, you might want to read it, because I’m telling you, the main stream media, doesn’t get it and it never will.
So please go to and register and also go to  We need to support this kind of television.  Nuturing our faith depends on it!

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