We overlook Jesus’ stepfather, Joseph a lot.  The patron saint of fathers seems to quietly stay in the background until someone wants to sell their house and decides to bury him upside on the property in question.  Oh Lord!
Yesterday I wrote about Mary, but it got me thinking about Joseph.  This quiet man (he doesn’t utter a word that I could find in the scriptures!)  tried to protect Mary even when he thought about dumping her in view of the fact that she was pregnant “with another man’s child.”  He knew she could possibly face death once it was revealed why he left her.  In his torment (because I do believe he was tormented by the situation), an angel appeared to him in a dream and revealed what was truly going to happen.
In our time an out-of-wedlock child is not the scandal it once was.  We’ve become immune to it so I think we overlook what Joseph went through.  This was bad.  Very bad.  The dream must have shaken him to his very core.  Why else would he agree to still wed Mary?  Joseph put his faith into God, but he must have been very frightened.  He was to help raise the Son of God and that had to be overwhelming.
So let’s remember Joseph differently.  Don’t even suggest to someone about the statue buried upside.  Let us remember him who he was:  Faithful to God, a hesistant protector and eventually a loving husband to Mary.  But most of all let us remember his role in Jesus’ life as the flesh and blood father who taught his son a trade and was willing to be a part of something much bigger.

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  • I really like the movie Dogma. One of the more overlooked quote from that movie "The nature of God and the Virgin Birth

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