Giving A Book of Faith

One of my favorite things to do is read.  Since I’ve gotten an eReader I read a lot more.  I’ve even read things that I didn’t think would interest me and got surprised.
Sometimes after reading a lot of fiction, I feel compelled to read for my soul.  I try to pick up things by Catholic or Christian writers.  If you are looking for last minute books to give as gifts, I have a few recommendations.
Last spring I read, The Courage to Be Catholic by George Weigel.  The book is about the scandal, why it happened, who’s to blame, how we can change things and how we can recover as a people and church.  The 11th commandment should be:  Thou shalt read this book!
I highly recommend two books by Liz Curtis Higgs:  Bad Girls of the Bible (the first in a series) and Unveiling Mary Magdalene.  Liz is not Catholic, but her insights and research into her work are amazing!  She writes like she’s sitting across from the kitchen table at your house and when she writes, “Girlfriend, you better read that last sentence again,” you do so without question!  Her writing style is laugh out loud.
Our book club W.O.E. (Women on the Edge) read Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World:  Finding Intimacy with God in the Busyness of Life by Joanna Weaver.  Joanna is not Catholic either but her insights into this simple story of Jesus and two sisters was a big hit with our club.  Who knew that those four little verses in Luke 10:38-42 (Catholic Women’s Devotional Bible, NRSV) were so rich in meaning?
If you like scarey, I recommend Possessed : The True Story of an Exorcism by Thomas Allen.  This is the true story that the book The Exorcist by William Blatty was based on which later became the movie.  It is no longer in print, but my husband found it for me on
People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck is probably scarier then any horror book you’ll ever read.  Dr. Peck, a noted psychiatrist, had case files of people he couldn’t help and he sets out to find out why.
My favorite bible is the Catholic Women’s Devotional Bible NRSV.  It’s filled with side stories about the women of the bible and luscious essays written by well-known Catholic women writers.  It’s a treasure!
Reading is one of life’s blessings and to give a book that will nuture and enhance someone else’s faith is a gift beyond measure and a blessing back to the one who gave it!

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