It seems like five minutes after Christmas “officially” ends, the stores start taking down the decorations and putting the clearance signs up for the Christmas related products.  It’s sad really.  Months of planning and preparation come to an abrupt end.  Maybe it’s because people are worn out by it all and they’re just glad it’s over.  I’m not sure.  I like to linger over it a while and hang onto it.
My husband, daughter and I went to Mass at a church that we’ve been attending for quite a while.  It was loaded with kids and families, but it felt like something was missing.  We’ve been happy going there.  The homilies are good, the music is good and the time of Mass is very good.  But when my daughter turned to me and told me it didn’t feel like Christmas, I knew what she meant.  We have not found our spiritual home yet.
Christmas Eve was very quiet.  My husband and I had hot dogs and potato chips for dinner!  It tasted so good!  When my oldest son got home from work at 5:30 Christmas morning, we all got up.  My husband made a big breakfast and we opened our gifts.  Later in the afternoon we went to a family member’s house and had our dinner and watched little kids open their gifts.
Through it all, I tried to keep focused.  We are all healthy and we are fortunate to be able to all be together for the holiday.  The missing piece of not having a parish to call home, will happen eventually.  I’m sure God has a plan for us and he’ll let us know when we’ve found the right community.
Until then, I’ll be grateful for what we’ve been given and where we’re at right now.

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