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The Kung Fu Competition That’s Revolutionizing the Kitchen at Blackbird

Every cook in the kitchen at Blackbird is in the fiercest competition of their lives—against themselves. “The cooks that come in here are very hungry,” executive chef Ryan Pfeiffer comments. “There is a large format of fundamental knowledge with an opportunity to put food on the menu at this restaurant. These competitions give us a... Read more »

She gave up Puerto Rico for Moneygun and fell in love.

“Chicago has a funny way of never disappointing you, even if things are rough” muses Charlee Weekes, one of two head bartenders at the popular West Loop cocktail spot, Moneygun. Just over a year ago, Charlee had been living and working in Puerto Rico, first helping to run an AirBnb and then working at two... Read more »

Thinking About Adding Taste Of Randolph To Your Weekend Lineup?

This year marks the 21st anniversary of Chicago’s Taste of Randolph, a street festival celebrating the best of the West Loop. While the vendors are made up of local small businesses and vibrant restaurants from the gritty-chic neighborhood, the music lineup (50+ performers) are from all over. It’s the perfect way to spend a #SummertimeChi... Read more »

Chef Charles Welch on His Road to Honey’s Chicago

“I’m just a sous chef from Chicago…but now I feel like I’m getting there.” Executive Chef and Partner of Honey’s Chicago, Charles Welch, deserves to feel an element of accomplishment as he looks back on his still-young career. His name rose to the top quickly enough. Chef Welch attended culinary school on a whim after... Read more »

Monteverde: Discover Northern Italy in Chicago's West Loop

I was in Reggio Emilia–an ancient little town in northern Italy, sitting at a vast wooden table in a room with stone walls and floors. I was warmed not by the hearth beside me but by the broth in front of me. I closed my eyes. Scents perfumed me and I blissfully became one with... Read more »