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Top Chef Alum Fabio Viviani Reveals His Daily Routine, Diet, and Tips for Mother's Day

“Hello…This is Fabio…Yes, we’re in Chicago today but we gotta go to New York to film this show and then I gotta come back because if I’m not back for Mother’s Day, my wife’s a-gonna kill me.” In the very first breath of our phone call, Chef Fabio Viviani’s energetic personality comes bubbling through. Talk... Read more »

Chicago's Top Ten Most Exceptional Food and Drink of 2017

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with Chicago’s best chefs over the last year, it’s that the perfect plate of food consists of three elements: Good ingredients Good technique Good vibes (temperament makes all the difference when cooking) As I ate my way around this great restaurant city of ours this year, it was clear... Read more »

Monteverde: Discover Northern Italy in Chicago's West Loop

I was in Reggio Emilia–an ancient little town in northern Italy, sitting at a vast wooden table in a room with stone walls and floors. I was warmed not by the hearth beside me but by the broth in front of me. I closed my eyes. Scents perfumed me and I blissfully became one with... Read more »