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One Off Hospitality's New Pastry Chef is Slaying the Dessert Game

It hasn’t even been two years since Erika Chan first came to work at Paul Kahan’s renowned The Publican under the tutelage of James Beard award-winning pastry chef Dana Cree. Now, Chan is running the entire pastry program for all of One Off Hospitality Group’s Publican restaurants (The Publican, Publican Quality Meats, Publican Tavern, Publican... Read more »

James Beard Awards 2018: Practice What You Preach

Last week, Chicagoans across town felt the flurry of activity as the country’s most elite chefs descended upon our city. They may have spied Food Network’s Ted Allen and Amanda Freitag taking a stroll along the Chicago river. Or possibly run into Christina Tosi or Carla Hall entering the hallowed gates of Alinea. Most likely,... Read more »

Top Chef Alum Fabio Viviani Reveals His Daily Routine, Diet, and Tips for Mother's Day

“Hello…This is Fabio…Yes, we’re in Chicago today but we gotta go to New York to film this show and then I gotta come back because if I’m not back for Mother’s Day, my wife’s a-gonna kill me.” In the very first breath of our phone call, Chef Fabio Viviani’s energetic personality comes bubbling through. Talk... Read more »

The Kung Fu Competition That’s Revolutionizing the Kitchen at Blackbird

Every cook in the kitchen at Blackbird is in the fiercest competition of their lives—against themselves. “The cooks that come in here are very hungry,” executive chef Ryan Pfeiffer comments. “There is a large format of fundamental knowledge with an opportunity to put food on the menu at this restaurant. These competitions give us a... Read more »

“You Shouldn’t Get a F*cking Medal for Not Being a Terrible Person” and Other Teachings from Giant’s Award-Winning Chef

Jason Vincent—executive chef and partner of Giant—has had accolades rain down upon him by some of the most notable publications in the business. And yet, in an interview with Thrillist in 2016, he refers to himself by saying, “No one cares what a washed-up chef in a tiny neighborhood joint is doing.” Thrillist agreed to... Read more »

How to Make Bacon Taste Even More Perfect

Turn it into candy. Which is exactly what Jeff Mauro and Kevin Corsello did three years ago when they first opened Chicago’s beloved BBQ shop, Pork & Mindy’s. “It was the most finely tuned piece of bacon that I’ve ever encountered,” Emmy award-winning chef and Chicagoan, Jeff Mauro says almost wistfully as he recounts when... Read more »

Chicago's Top Ten Most Exceptional Food and Drink of 2017

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with Chicago’s best chefs over the last year, it’s that the perfect plate of food consists of three elements: Good ingredients Good technique Good vibes (temperament makes all the difference when cooking) As I ate my way around this great restaurant city of ours this year, it was clear... Read more »

Discover Rioja Wines and Cuisine at Omni Hotel Chicago

“A lot of chefs think that fine dining can only be Michelin-star type things. But hotels give a lot of diversity.” So says Chef Joshua Hasho, of 676 Restaurant in Omni Hotel Chicago. The 29-year-old chef who sharpened his culinary teeth at The French Laundry and once worked with the Ritz Carlton is quietly stirring... Read more »

JBF Greens hosts their best event yet at Prime & Provisions

Chef Joe Rizza, of Prime & Provisions, is a Chicago kid through and through. Unlike many city chefs, Rizza made the choice to train and get all his work experience right here in Chicago. Growing up in a family that was already ingrained in the restaurant business, his training started early. His formal training was... Read more »

Top Chef's Gail Simmons is "Bringing It Home" to Chicago

“I read Talking with My Mouth Full this past March while I was working in advertising and living my most miserable life,” I say to Gail Simmons (iconic judge on Top Chef, Food & Wine special projects director, and food writer) as I sit in my living room wearing pajamas on a cold and rainy Chicago Monday.... Read more »