I believe you can tell a lot about a person by how they think and speak of food. Me? I write stories about food every day. Each dish I experience inspires scenes or conjures memories. Some are inspired by truths from long ago and others from sheer imagination triggered by what’s on the plate. You can read these stories via my Instagram account, @foodfictionproject.

As I write my stories, I’m always curious to know what the “real” ones are. I long to hear the stories of love and loss, trial and success of those who are responsible for Chicago’s vibrant and ever-growing food scene.

Behind Chicago Food tells the real stories of my conversations with chefs, restaurateurs, and tastemakers of Chicago. It’s a behind the scenes, intimate look at the food we love and the people responsible for making Chicago one of the best food cities in America.

I also provide brand strategy and content creation services for restaurants, chefs, and F&B brands. You can learn more about these services at www.sabrinamedora.com