Eat Dessert. Run Marathons.

That’s what Sarah Mispagel, rising star pastry chef of famed Proxi and Sepia restaurants, does. Known for her fantastic desserts, Sarah embraces her sweet tooth and still manages to live a healthy lifestyle. A runner in last year’s Chicago marathon, Sarah has already signed up for the 2018 race and still eats the way she wants to.

Her first job was as a baker at Natural Foods Market in San Diego. “Certain amounts of things there had to be vegan, gluten-free, or made with alternative sweeteners,” Sarah explains.

This began her interest in developing recipes that were guilt-free but with all the deliverables of flavor. For years, she’s perfected her technique of serving decadent desserts that adhere to healthy eating resolutions. Don’t believe that the two concepts can go hand in hand? Just try her avocado mousse at Proxi or her beet cheesecake at Sepia.

Avocado mousse

Avocado mousse

Sarah Mispagel is firm in her belief that inventively healthy desserts aren’t only accessible in high-end restaurants. These creations can be whipped up at home. Here are her top five tips for home bakers:

  1. Substitute regular butter in pie crusts, cakes, caramels, lemon curds, etc. with Earth Balance and other non-dairy butters.
  2. Use agave as an alternative sweetener
  3. Avocado and silken tofu are great for making mousses.
  4. Avoiding gluten? Use Cup for Cup flour.
  5. Think about vegetables that already have a good amount of natural sweetness (carrots, parsnips, beets) and fruits/ veggies that have thick custard like textures ( avocados, bananas, paw paws) and how those can be used to your advantage in adding natural sweetness, or texture that would usually require things like egg yolks and heavy cream.

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