How to Make Bacon Taste Even More Perfect

Turn it into candy.

Which is exactly what Jeff Mauro and Kevin Corsello did three years ago when they first opened Chicago’s beloved BBQ shop, Pork & Mindy’s.


Kevin Corsello



Jeff Mauro

“It was the most finely tuned piece of bacon that I’ve ever encountered,” Emmy award-winning chef and Chicagoan, Jeff Mauro says almost wistfully as he recounts when they first began experimenting with pig candy for Pork & Mindy’s. “Pig candy is ubiquitous. We’re not the first to put sugar on bacon and cook it.”

They may not be. But they are the first to perfect a recipe that allows pig candy to be sold as a packaged good.

“It’s smoky and complex with a signature fire rub, tons of aromatics, and herbs,” Mauro gushes. “Salty, sweet, versatile, and incredibly delicious. Most importantly, it’s a healthier alternative to some of the options available today. The world is ready for better quality food that they can take anywhere.”

According to Mauro, it took years to perfect the recipe that would allow people to enjoy Pork & Mindy’s pig candy to take on the go.

“Failure is a part of the perfecting process. I pride myself on testing all my recipes in my home kitchen. And I fail constantly. It’s part of it…you can’t develop something organically without failure.”

He proudly lets me know that he now has a perfect batch of pig candy sitting in a bowl on his kitchen counter.

“It takes a lot of heart,” Mauro says. “It’s not just a license to my name. We’re building [pig candy] from the ground up. We pushed back launch dates for months because it wasn’t there yet.”

Well, Chicago, it’s finally here. As of March 20th, Pork & Mindy’s Pig Candy has partnered with Bo Jackson Signature Foods and can be found in any Mariano’s across Chicagoland and soon expanding nationwide.


Pig Candy is now available in both Original and Sweet Heat flavors, fully cooked, ready to eat, 100% natural and free of hormones and antibiotics.

Bacon that’s candy and good for you? Sign me right on up.

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