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“You Shouldn’t Get a F*cking Medal for Not Being a Terrible Person” and Other Teachings from Giant’s Award-Winning Chef

Jason Vincent—executive chef and partner of Giant—has had accolades rain down upon him by some of the most notable publications in the business. And yet, in an interview with Thrillist in 2016, he refers to himself by saying, “No one cares what a washed-up chef in a tiny neighborhood joint is doing.” Thrillist agreed to... Read more »

How to Make Bacon Taste Even More Perfect

Turn it into candy. Which is exactly what Jeff Mauro and Kevin Corsello did three years ago when they first opened Chicago’s beloved BBQ shop, Pork & Mindy’s. “It was the most finely tuned piece of bacon that I’ve ever encountered,” Emmy award-winning chef and Chicagoan, Jeff Mauro says almost wistfully as he recounts when... Read more »

Chicago's Restaurant Industry in Hot Mess

You know how sometimes you take reading material to the gym in the hopes that it will make the time fly by as you slog your way through your cardio workout? That was me roughly two weeks ago. I was about 40% done with an advanced reading copy of the book Hot Mess and figured... Read more »

A Hidden Novel Between the Pages of a Chicago Loop Cocktail Bar Menu

In the heart of Chicago’s loop lives a pair of spirit guides who stepped away from the past and blended their lives with our present. These muses glide through a room where warm lamps bathe leather arm chairs and sofas. They run their fingertips across the walls studded with leather-bound books. They weave between men and women... Read more »