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In Conversation with Alpana Singh: The Highs and Lows of Restaurateurship

Almost two months ago, I made the decision to quit my 9-to-5 job in favor of setting out on the entrepreneurial path. With a $60 Ikea desk and an old bamboo plant I had bought long ago in the desperate attempt to bring positive vibes to a negative office experience, I converted my closet into... Read more »

Chicago folks, if you haven’t hit up this BYOB Italian spot yet, you’re dining wrong

Chicagoans will attest that there is no shortage of delicious Italian food in the Windy City. On every corner and from every price point, there’s always an option for handmade pastas (shoutout to the “pasta queen of Chicago” for winning the James Beard Award for Best Chef) or grandma’s bolognaise recipe. And yet, if you... Read more »

Chef Charles Welch on His Road to Honey’s Chicago

“I’m just a sous chef from Chicago…but now I feel like I’m getting there.” Executive Chef and Partner of Honey’s Chicago, Charles Welch, deserves to feel an element of accomplishment as he looks back on his still-young career. His name rose to the top quickly enough. Chef Welch attended culinary school on a whim after... Read more »