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Hello and welcome!

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in Behind Chicago Food. I’m a firm believer of building trust and authenticity as a food writer, which is why I am sharing my post policy.

I am a writer, not a reviewer

While I am a glutton, forever lusting for sensory pleasures of food and drink, my writing takes a less hedonistic approach. Each chef, restaurant, and event that I write about is evaluated from an individual, ‘in conversation’ standpoint rather than one of critique.

For more information on why, please visit my About page.

Complimentary food and drink

People that work in the food and beverage industry often prefer to express themselves by providing tastings. Shocking, eh? When this occurs, it is usually offered voluntarily and on a complimentary basis, with the full understanding that there is no guarantee I will write about everything I consume*.

Mentions of complimentary food and drink are only made if the below criteria have been met:

  • It is relevant to the story
  • I enjoyed it and would go back again as a paying customer for it

*Note: I am the author and founder of Food Fiction Project on Instagram, which pairs images of food I eat with original short stories. I do feature most, if not all, of the complimentary dishes and beverages on the account, crediting the restaurant/chef, and occasionally refer to those stories in my posts. As with Behind Chicago Food, I will only feature food that I truly enjoyed and will go back for as a paying customer.

Event coverage

While I am often invited to events and tastings as a media representative, I only accept invitations that are relevant to my audience. If I attend the event and find that it is not in keeping with Behind Chicago Food’s efforts, I will not write about it.

Monetary Compensation

I do not receive monetary compensation for posts on Behind Chicago Food.

Subscription Management

If you are a subscriber to Behind Chicago Food, your personal information is kept entirely private and not shared with anyone.

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