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I Bet You Didn't Know This About Chef Lee Wolen of Boka...

Rare is the story of a successful reinvention of an established restaurant. And yet, that is exactly the tale that is told about Boka, the first of the Boka Restaurant Group, thanks to Chef Lee Wolen. When Chef Wolen became Chef/Partner at Boka, the restaurant was already 10 years old. In a city like Chicago,... Read more »

Midweek Munchies

When I’m not writing about food, eating food, or watching competitive cooking shows—hey, how do we feel about Iron Chef Gauntlet so far? Personally, I miss some of the fanfare but I do love the renewed focus on the ingredients. Comment below! Where was I? Oh, right. When I’m not doing all of the above, I’m reading... Read more »

Behind Chicago Food: The Writer's Policy Page

Hello and welcome! Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in Behind Chicago Food. I’m a firm believer of building trust and authenticity as a food writer, which is why I am sharing my post policy. I am a writer, not a reviewer While I am a glutton, forever lusting for sensory pleasures of food and drink, my writing takes... Read more »

In Conversation with Katie O'Reilly, Culinary Artist and TV Show Host

One of my most unique conversations to date has been with culinary artist, Katie O. And it all starts with a poem…  Under the smoke, dust all over his mouth, laughing with white teeth, Under the terrible burden of destiny laughing as a young man laughs, Laughing even as an ignorant fighter laughs who has... Read more »

Chef Nicole Bayani, Presidio, On Women Working In Chicago Restaurants

Nicole Bayani, Executive Chef of Presidio, grew up in what she describes as “the most suburby-suburb you could live in” in San Diego. Her maternal grandfather, who passed away before she was born, was a professional chef and left her family with a very well-equipped kitchen and an extensive collection of cookbooks. Nicole’s mother had... Read more »

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Ricardo Jarquin of Travelle Kitchen + Bar

On the 2nd floor of The Langham, Chicago, you’ll find Travelle Kitchen + Bar, a bright and airy luxe lounge filled with white-clothed tables and plush seating. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide an expansive view of the Chicago river. Exploring the restaurant space, you will find glass doors that barely separate diners from a bustling but spotless... Read more »

To the Mediterranean and Back in a Night, Courtesy of Olive Garden

A little over a week ago, I was whisked off on a Mediterranean tour, care of Olive Garden. I don’t just mean because their dishes metaphorically transported me. I mean they actually brought me on a journey through the Mediterranean countryside. Or, shall I say, brought the Mediterranean countryside to me? On a drizzly Thursday night, I took a complimentary Lyft... Read more »