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In Conversation with James Beard Award Winner Jimmy Bannos Jr of The Purple Pig

In Conversation with James Beard Award Winner Jimmy Bannos Jr of The Purple Pig
It’s unseasonably warm in Chicago this week. I open the door to The Purple Pig’s enclosed patio and walk through it. For the first time in three years, I don’t have to push past dozens of people. It’s 5:30p and there’s still time for the madness to unfold. Inside is a different story. Already, tables are... Read more »

Art, History, and Steins at The Berghoff Chicago

“I can feel the old timers here at night.” Colleen muttered with reverence as our footsteps tapped on the old stone floors of the vast, quiet room. Voices wafted through the half open doors and mingled with the sounds of our breath. We stopped at a multi-panel painting; a pastel-hued scene of the World’s Columbian Exhibition... Read more »

New Kid On The Block, Tobacco Road Tap Room, has everything you’ve ever wanted from Chicago sports bars

Why is it that our criteria for Chicago sports bars are limited to available seating, multiple TVs, and the cheapest specials for food and drink? That’s a pretty low bar (no pun intended) given that we live in one of America’s culinary capitals. Personally, I’ve never thought to ask of more because I’ve always been... Read more »

Monteverde: Discover Northern Italy in Chicago's West Loop

I was in Reggio Emilia–an ancient little town in northern Italy, sitting at a vast wooden table in a room with stone walls and floors. I was warmed not by the hearth beside me but by the broth in front of me. I closed my eyes. Scents perfumed me and I blissfully became one with... Read more »