This Election is a Loaded Gun

This Election is a Loaded Gun

I’m going to be 100% honest right now.

What’s on the ballot right now includes the Affordable Care Act and Social Security. And yet there are people who say they love Mike but are voting for Trump. Trump SAYS he has a plan, but the only plans he’s ever demonstrated are, “get rid of Obamacare,” and “get rid of Social Security,” with nothing ready to replace them. And these people, people who fall into the category of “friends and family,” are willing to risk Mike’s life based on nothing but their unearned confidence in Trump.

They are more interested in punishing women who get abortions (not preventing abortions, abortion numbers GO DOWN under Democratic administrations) than they are in keeping Mike alive.

They are more interested in punishing immigrants who didn’t “follow the rules” to get here than they are in keeping Mike alive.

They are more interested in “owning the libs,” including me and Mike, than they are in keeping him alive.

They are more interested in making sure this country is unsafe for non-Christians like Mike’s wife and children than they are in keeping him alive.

They don’t listen to me. They don’t give a crap what I say. But there are lots of other people who DO listen to me, and DO care about whether or not Mike lives or dies, but they aren’t saying anything to them in the name of “keeping peace,” or “maintaining relationships.”

If *they* wanted to keep the peace or maintain relationships, they wouldn’t be spending their most valuable social capital, their voice, their VOTE, enabling the people trying to kill somebody they purport to love. And that’s what they’re doing. That’s what happens when the payroll cuts are permanent. That’s what happens when the ACA is gone. That is not an exaggeration. First, we bankrupt our family members who volunteer to pay for his healthcare bills to the best of their ability, and then he dies. Do you want to guess what Mike’s chemo meds cost out of pocket? Do you want to know how much an MRI every six weeks comes to? Do you want to know how much it costs to see half a dozen specialists a month? Do you want to know how much it costs to fill Mike’s pill containers every week? Do you want to hazard a guess what we’ve been billed for ambulance rides alone this year?

Do you have any idea what I would do to help him be healthy? Almost anything. So many things that go against all my values and ideals. Because I know that, gun to my head, if I was asked to choose between Mike’s life and my integrity, I would choose Mike every single time.

There is a gun to our heads. And people who “love Mike” are choosing the gun.

Everybody who knows a person that “loves Mike” but is voting for Trump, and isn’t talking to them about the impact of their vote, has decided “keeping the peace” is more important than Mike’s life, too.

There are lots of good reasons to vote for Biden. Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, his gun sense policies (no, he won’t “take your guns,” but he will make it so you have to register them, wait long enough for them you won’t kill yourself with them on a whim, and make you store them in a safe place), his dedication to reentering the international community in addressing climate change, student debt relief, LGBTQ civil rights, police reform… But if you can’t find it in yourself to vote for him because, ugh, gross, Biden, then vote for him because if you don’t vulnerable people WILL die. Vulnerable people who you claim to love.

This is not hyperbole.

Talk to your “friends,” relatives, siblings, and parents. You know who I’m talking about. And you know they will not hear it from somebody like me. Talk to them about the Mikes in your life, the vulnerable people who are not going to survive four more years of Trump.

Think of us, and be willing to be uncomfortable with those people.

Thank you.



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