Fury: Women's Lived Experiences During the Trump Era

Fury: Women's Lived Experiences During the Trump Era

It’s a strange thing to have a book come out about how horribly you have been impacted by the Trump presidency, and not to be able to hold it in your hands because you’re trapped in a hospital in large part because of the incompetence of the Trump presidency. It took me an additional four days to get a copy from my house, where it was delivered, to the hospital room where I’ve been living with Mike for nearly two weeks.

The essay I have included in this book is adapted from an essay that first appeared on this blog. It’s about antisemitism, gun violence, and feminism. Two months ago, if you asked me, “What is the worst thing the Trump administration had done to you, personally?” I might have said, “Stephen Miller,” and gestured helplessly. I might have said, “Goddamn fucking disability cuts,” and then started shouting at nobody in particular until everyone present thought I was angry at them specifically. I might have said, “There are still children in cages, and they are still dying of preventable causes,” and I might have started to cry.

I cry a lot, recently.

Today I would tell you, “They knew this was coming, and they sold stocks instead of preparing.”

“They knew this was coming, and they lied so people would think Trump was doing a good job.”

“They know this is happening, but they care more about their stocks than the lives of literally anyone. Anyone.”


It’s a mark of how dreadful these last three and a half years have been that there is so much one could add to further editions of this book.

“Terror: Women’s Survival Experiences During the Trump Pandemic” is no doubt another collection on the horizon.

While you’re all cooped up and looking to feel a sense of community, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Through these stories of humanity, of other people going through the same struggles as you, there is reprieve from our isolation.

There is a link below, not only to the original paperback but to both hardbound copies and the e-book as well.

Stay strong, friends. Stay safe.

We will do what we always have, and that is to find the connections to each other we need to survive this.



Fury: Women’s Lived Experiences in the Trump Era



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