Our Community is Our Miracle

Our Community is Our Miracle

This picture contains so many miracles.

See, all this week, Rivka has been talking about spinning her dreidel and getting a nun, which is what she wants. If you know the rules to the game, you DON’T want a nun, you want a gimmel, or a hey. But Rivka wanted a nun, because nun stands for neis, which means, “Miracle.” She wants so many miracles, and the whole spirit of Channukah is believing that miracles are possible. It’s maybe the only way Channukah is like Christmas, it’s a time for miracles of faith and goodwill. So she keeps spinning her dreidel and she keeps hoping for a nun.

Well, we came home today, and a miracle was waiting for us. My Girl Scout family decided to be our family’s miracle this year. As you probably know, Mike is recovering from brain surgery and a stroke, he’s going through chemo and an experimental trial, and he’s out of work. We’re in that weird in-between place of recovery and also a lack of insurance, where long term disability hasn’t kicked in but short term is over. He’s getting better, but he’s not ready to go back to work full time, and part-time means losing his health insurance. And in the midst of all this, I’m also looking at surgery next month.

So my Girl Scout family, some of them are people I’ve only met in passing or not at all, came together to give my family the kind of Channukah we simply couldn’t provide this year. Under the light of our tree and menorah, there were gifts for me and Mike and the girls, gift cards for restaurants so we can eat when there’s no money coming in or I’m recovering, and gift cards for Target and the grocery store.

We have been so surrounded by love through this whole process, from Mike’s surgery onwards, and each new outpouring of love astounds and humbles me all over again.

Never take your community for granted. Never be afraid to ask for help or be vulnerable. If this year has taught me anything, it is that we are not alone, none of us, and there is so much good in people, and in the world.

It helps me believe in miracles every day. Tomorrow is MRI day, and I am finding it easy to believe that there are more miracles on the horizon.


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