The Most Important Election of our Lives

The Most Important Election of our Lives

Today is election day, and I am 100% judging you if you can but do not vote in this election.

I don’t mean that in the adolescent, “OMG I’m totes judging you,” sense. I mean that I am passing judgement on your character. On the nature of your very being.

If you do not vote, you are saying you do not care whether I live or die. You do not care whether or not my family survives. You do not care if this country thrives or fails.

It’s been easy over the last half a century for us to forget that the government is more than the president. The president is a figurehead, but it is Congress that makes our laws. It is the Supreme Court that enforces them. And while they’re not as glamorous as the presidency, the fact is they are more important. What happened in 2016 wasn’t just that we found ourselves in the position of having a madman as our president, what happened was we handed him carte blanche. No checks, no balances.

Our federal government requires three branches to function, and right now, Trump controls all of them. Today, we have the chance to take that power away from him. We have the power to put people into Congress to make GOOD laws, laws that protect us from being murdered in our schools or in our houses of worship or anywhere else, laws that see human beings fleeing humanitarian crises as human beings and not as fodder for the prison industrial complex, laws that respect bodily autonomy, laws that hold police departments accountable for racial profiling, laws that put rapists and sexual assaulters behind bars.

Get out and vote.

Vote like there are children in cages at the border, and people being mowed down in their houses of worship, and like our very Republic is at stake.

All those things are true. And this is the when your vote matters most. I tell you without hyperbole, it matters more today than it may have ever meant before.


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