Inaugural Poem

Inaugural Poem

A room full of people,
Surrounded by shadows of a fading light.
“No,” I said, in turns,
With a voice dancing recklessly between fear and laughter.
“No,” I said,
I knew him,
The archetype Man with Power,
When, in turns, I said, “No,”
The word emptied with a hollow dredged of fear and the plodding footfall of the inevitable.
A room full of people and he strode through,
Victorious, dismissive,
The eternal permission to take,
His success superseding any word I might have clung to,
Danced away.
My voice swinging,
Left no trace I objected,
No clue I knew what fate awaited instead of echoes.
Deafly turned their faces to a sunless sky and I sank,
Wishing, if I could not be heard, to die.
The archetype stands.
Averting my eyes from an occluded sun as though I am sinking,
I know he ascends,
Wax wings carry him high
And I know this is not how it ends,
With a face burned into the dark when you close your eyes,
Responding to
You know would be cries,
Begging for the sun to rise.
This is not how it ends.
This is not how it ends.
Fruit grows from ashes.
Dawn raises the tides,
And when he swallows our voices,
We do not avert our eyes.


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