The SuperMommy End-Of-Summer Digest

The SuperMommy End-Of-Summer Digest

Hello, lovely readers!

I know, it’s been far too long since I clued you in on where else you can be reading works by the great Lea Grover. Between the chaos of moving and general chaos (by the way, do you know how to get rid of an angry hive of bees that’s moved into your back step?), I’ve been having a hard time finding the energy to sit and write everything I wanted. But in the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot more micro-blogging on facebook.

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Here are a few highlights of what I’ve been writing:

On Hillary Clinton Accepting the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States
Whether you like her or not (and you should know by now, I do), there is no way to deny how important it is to women and girls all over the country, and probably all over the world, to see a woman leading a major party’s ticket. It’s never happened before. Yes, women have run in minor parties, yes, women have run for their party’s nomination, and yes, women have been ON the ticket, but this matters. This is a drastically different image than we’re used to seeing. This will be the first time a woman has taken part in presidential debates. It will be the first time that a woman has been given the credibility of being competent to do a job that has never been done by a woman before. And I had a lot of feelings about it.

On My Children Beginning Grade School
Again, I have a lot of feelings. And I tend to write them down.

On the Death of Gene Wilder
Gene Wilder was one of the most formative comedians of my childhood. When M got sick, I watched an interview he’d done about founding Gilda’s Club. How even when she was on her death bed, he didn’t believe it would happen. How he told her she was going to outlive him, no questions. And his shock and heartbreak that he could have been wrong. His death has left a hole in my heart.


I haven’t just been posting on facebook, though. Here are a few longer reads:

Donald Trump’s Biggest Flaw Revealed: A Complete Lack of Empathy on Scary Mommy
Again, no surprise, I loathe Donald Trump. But after his attacks against the Khan family, something needed to be said. And it was my honor to be asked by Scary Mommy to say something.

I Want My Children to Fuck Up on MUTHA Magazine
I believe it’s important to embrace a certain amount of rebellion. Becoming an independent adult is hard, and there’s no reason to make it harder by forcing a kid to hide from you while they do it.


One more from facebook, because on Friday, Brock Turner is being released from jail. And that is a crime in of itself.

On Brock Turner’s Handsome, Wholesome Face


Thank you, lovely readers! And stay tuned for more!

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