For Mother's Day, Support Moms with PPD

For Mother's Day, Support Moms with PPD

I was halfway through my pregnancy with RH when I should have known I was starting to get depressed. It was so easy to make excuses for all the feelings I had-

I was tired, because I was pregnant.
I wasn’t depressed, I was anemic.
I was overworked from caring for twins and finishing my degree through my pregnancy.
I had symphasis pubis dysfunction and couldn’t walk without pain, and I had moles that kept becoming cancerous.

I had TERRIBLE pregnancies, and I HATED being pregnant, even if it was nice on occasion. But the thing about depression is that sometimes you have excuses for being bummed out, but they don’t mean you aren’t depressed. Legitimately, medically ill.

Postpartum depression often starts during pregnancy, making it harder for women to see the seriousness of their condition. That’s how it was for me, and it’s something we all need to take seriously. PPD and postpartum mood disorders effect 1 in 7 new mothers. That’s a huge number of people. It’s isolating, and frightening, and disheartening, and dangerous.

But it’s also treatable.

That’s why I’m participating in Postpartum Progress’s annual Climb Out Of The Darkness.

I’m raising money to help reach women, like me, who suffer from PPD after childbirth- and before. To keep them from becoming as seriously depressed as I did, to help them understand that they’re not broken, or wrong, or any of the horrible self-hating beliefs that PPD can manifest.

Because that’s the worst thing about depression- any depression. It takes your voice from you, and uses it to convince you that you aren’t sick, but that you are worthless. It sneaks into your head and uses your own mind to trick you into blaming yourself for your disease. It uses your existing fears, your old emotional wounds, to attack you.

Depression is a bitch, to be sure. And postpartum depression is one of the most vicious types I know.

Please make a donation- help me reach my goal! I’m 61% of the way there, and every dollar you donate will help other families like mine climb out of their own darkness.

Donate now!

Thank you so much.


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