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Ok, this is gonna be the quickest blog ever. I am on the plane headed to our connecting flight in Denver. I’m LA bound! I have 3 other girls with me, so far nobody has gotten on my nerves. Yet. But be patient. I’m traveling my my make up artist Katy, she did the make... Read more »

My Fashion Epiphany: "Myself" is my favorite fashion trend.

Over the past week, I’ve been putting myself through a considerable amount of stress trying to figure out what I should dress my background singers and myself in while we’re in LA for the Grammy events. As you know, being in that environment can work wonders on an artist’s career, so I am taking this... Read more »

I'm going to be on Garrard Mcclendon Live at 6pm tonight!

Tonight at 6pm, I’ll be appearing on Garrard Mcclendon Live on CLTV. The show will air again at 9pm. I haven’t done a live taping in so long! I’m used to doing on camera interviews, but this will be my FIRST TIME being the interviewee instead of the interviewer. Fortunately, I have plenty of good... Read more »

An Open Letter To My 2 Friends Who Are Fighting Over A Boy.

This is an open letter to my 2 friends who are currently at odds over a guy. Typically, I wouldn’t blog about people’s personal business. However, because my girls have taken the fight public via Twitter, I feel the need to address this issue. I know the guy who’s involved. I mean no disrespect, and... Read more »

I gained weight. Ask me if I care.

For 2 months prior to my video shoot on November 14th, I had one thing on my mind… getting in shape for my video. After the shoot was over, I was allergic to the gym for a week. I ate desserts, I snacked right before bed, I enjoy my fair share of cookies, and behaved... Read more »