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The Ten Sexting Commandments

A few years back, this cute dude I knew asked me to send him a nude. Something told me not to trust his ass. So when I got home I took a screengrab of a porno starring a post-op transsexual showing off his/her brand new functional vag by playing with a cucumber. I sent it... Read more »

The facts you can't ignore about Lil Reese beating up a girl

The facts you can't ignore about Lil Reese beating up a girl
There is a video going around that shows Lil Reese, a rapper from Chicago who just got signed to a major label, beating the life outta some girl. Lil Reese claims the video was filmed a year or two ago. I don’t listen to Lil Reese’s music or know anything about him, but I read a... Read more »

Interview- Turquoise Jeep: Behind the Smang

Interview- Turquoise Jeep: Behind the Smang
Anybody who is a devout Youtuber has heard of Turquoise Jeep. They are a group of guys who have become known worldwide for making hilarious videos for their undeniably catchy songs (if you haven’t AT LEAST seen Smang It then you’re super late, try to keep up!) With almost 20 million views of their videos,... Read more »

What my friends who are signed to major labels are telling me about the music industry (PART 1)

For the past few years, whenever someone asks me what my short term goals for my career are, I tell them that I’d like to sign to an indie label, build up more buzz for myself, and then maybe partner with a major. And after a year of walking away from some of the shittiest... Read more »

Sean Paul Talks to Nikki Lynette about his newest album, Imperial Blaze

One of the most memorable celebrity interviews I’ve ever conducted was with Sean Paul. Not only because he’s a multi-platinum, world class entertainer…but also because he’s quite a character.  Over the past few years, I”ve become pretty good at doing celebrity interviews. (Insert pat on the back here.) I started doing them for a local tv show... Read more »