My name is Nikki Lynette and I starred in a Kmart commercial.


You just never know how stuff is gonna turn out. One day I was working on my album Respect My Disrespect, planning out how I was gonna afford to promote it without having to beg a label for help. And the next day I was being asked to star in a national Kmart commercial. I’m a lucky girl. There are some 30 second versions of the commercial being aired on tv, but this vid is the full length version:

This is, by far, the silliest thing I have ever done, which is probably why I think it’s so awesome. Mad love to my kickass co-star Desdamona and the entire team at Kmart, Affix, and Draft FCB who worked on the lunch ladies commercial. You made the entire experience so easy, fun, and stress free. And I almost forgot… A friend of mine just told me that, because I am a Chicagoan, I have to end this blog with a “shout out to my haters.” LoLz. That’s not really my style. So what I will do is remind my fellow indie artists that it’s a new day in the entertainment industry. More and more opportunities are available for us now so we don’t have to be so limited.  Just change your perspective. From where I’m sitting, things are looking pretty good to me.

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