The Boston Marathon Bombing: Why you're blaming the wrong person

The Boston Marathon Bombing: Why you're blaming the wrong person

When the news of the Boston Marathon Bombing first broke, many of us sat staring at our computer screens confused and HELLA horrified that anything so tragic could happen at a huge public event like this. We waited impatiently to find out any news we could, not just because we may have homies that were affected by this tragedy, but also because, as a nation, we all just wanna feel safe.

Soon, the reports started pouring in about the people who endured the Boston bombing. The number of marathon attendees injured climbed steadily from 13 to 23 to 60, and as I am writing this, CNN is reporting that the number of injured, which includes eight children, is currently at 130. And 2 people were killed. One of them was an 8 year old kid.

It’s not uncommon for folks these days to hop on Twitter and argue over these types of tragedies, that’s a natural result of the whole “Global Community” thing we’ve got going on right now. Yet, what always grinds my gears is when people try to use tragedies like this to push their own agendas. I sorta feel like we are ENCOURAGED to sensationalize and point fingers, because that’s so much easier than actually figuring out a way that we can help. Can you honestly say you’ve never witnessed this, too?

I mean… come on! The Boston Marathon Bombing happened only HOURS AGO, yet the exploitation is already in full swing. I’ve seen the Anti-Gun & Pro-Gun folks tweeting stuff so aimless that I ain’t even gonna quote it here, as if guns & the homemade explosives used in the Boston Marathon Bombing somehow go in the same category. I’ve also seen conspiracy theorists tweeting about the Illuminati and how this is all part of their plan to institute martial law and enslave us all or whatevs.

However, none of those folks pissed me off as bad as the dude who believes that all this bloodshed in America is because women get abortions.

Yep. He said that.

Now, I am not a person who usually gets mad about stuff on the internet. I understand that although Tweeting is just pastime to me, it is an entire social life for other people. I don’t judge, rock out with your cock out. But when you start saying damaging, shitty things and it pops up on my timeline by someone who shared it and apparently AGREEES, I can’t help but speak out. Bad information can spread like a virus if not properly dealt with at the onset. Seeing as how I thoroughly embrace freedom of speech, I ripped on him. It felt right.

And twenty minutes later, who should come to his defense but A WOMAN!?!

At first, I was disappointed. In an era where a woman’s rights to equality is a publicly recognized issue and is no longer a punchline at the end of some long running misogynistic joke, a woman would dare to defend a man blaming the Boston Marathon Bombing on a woman’s rght to choose? Are they high or something?!? After I got over being disappointed, I got angry. And then I ripped on her, too.

It got ugly. The entire interaction now serves as a step-by-step guide to the most affective way to piss me off.

You might ask yourself why I care so much about a couple fuckheads spewing their meaningless opinions online. The truth is, I don’t care about them at all. As a member of the Global Community, I am just legitimately sick of every tragedy being used to sell some political idea. I’m sick of folks pointing the blame instead of pointing out solutions. I’m sick of people making tragedies be about them instead of the people who went through it. I’m sick of uninformed folks mouthing off and theorizing IN THE MIDST of these tragedies, while wounds are still bleeding and the news is still breaking. I’m sick of the news reporting on this stuff from a Republican perspective or the Democratic perspective instead of just a human perspective. I’m just over it.

The internet gives us freedoms we’ve never had before, but it also exposes us to some ugly facts of life that we probably never would have learned otherwise. It would rock if, in unfortunate moments like these, people could remember to be humane behind their computer screens, especially people like that creepy “minister” dude who thought it was a good idea to  blame a woman’s right to choose for the Boston Marathon Bombing. I find it shocking that so many people are eager to take the blame away from whomever planted the explosives in the first place. Maybe they’d all be more affective if they targeted their anger where it belongs.

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