KONY 2012: The movement that NONE OF US can afford to ignore anymore

KONY 2012: The movement that NONE OF US can afford to ignore anymore

If you had the power to make the world a better place… would you do it?

Guess what? You do have power. It’s an election year.

I have a pretty active Facebook Fan page. I use it to discuss my songs, to share my music videos, and to display images of funny/crazy/terrible things for the amusement of my fanbase, Team Bad Ass. Since the page gets a lot of traffic I get lots of spammers who post stuff on my Wall to promote themselves. I ain’t going for that. However, a post that I got from a fan named Christabel Amankwah from Sydney, Australia was an eye opener for me. This is what she posted on my Wall:

If I’d ask you, who is Joseph Kony, you wouldn’t know. You should. And that’s why I’m going to tell you about him.

Joseph Kony considers himself as a good Christian.
He abducts kids, little girls go in prostitution, little boys become kid soldiers and are forced to do horrible things, things a kid isn’t supposed to do. Neither is an adult, no one is. He started the LRA, Lord’s Resistance Army. 20,000 kids have been kidnapped, this needs to stop. And that’s why we need to Make Kony Famous. Let the world know about the horrible things he does, and the thousands of children and parents suffering.

So come together, at April the 20th. That is the day we will cover the night. People in all kind of cities, all over the world meet at sundown & cover the city with posters and stickers of Joseph Kony. To Make Kony Famous. If you want to help these kids and parents, cover the night at 4/20/2012

There is a movement going on. The film I posted below, KONY 2012, is part of a campaign led by the organization Invisible Children that aims to make a Ugandan rebel leader named Joseph Kony famous. Due largely to the power of social media, KONY 2012 has amassed 3.3million views in just two weeks, and the campaign has become a worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter. And they say people in my generation don’t care about anything. Once again, “they” have been proven wrong.

Invisible Children’s goal is to raise awareness of Kony’s crimes against children in Central Africa and to create an international demand to bring him to justice. He is abducting children & forcing them to be soldiers and sex slaves. And guess what? It’s been going on since the 1980’s! The stories in this video are astounding, it brought me to tears. How come none of the politicians over the past 20 years were talking about resolving this? Guess who the first president was who ever made steps to tackle this issue? Obama.

**update** Obama was not the first president to attempt to stop Kony. According to an article in the New York Times from October 14, 2011, “American efforts to combat the group also took place during the Bush administration,” which included Bush sending 17 UNARMED counterterrorism advisers to “train Ugandan troops and provided millions of dollars worth of aid, including fuel trucks, satellite phones and night vision goggles, to the Ugandan army.” When these efforts failed, Bush did not continue his support of this cause. No similar efforts were made until Obama ordered up to 100 ARMED military advisers to Uganda to help take action against the rebels.

This video is so moving, and it is a story that needs to be told. Joseph Kony needs to be stopped, and this video breaks down how we can do it. It’s easy to see why KONY 2012 was able to touch so many people so quickly.

This documentary is calling on us to act on April 20, 2012. Together, we can help to solve a problem that has been going on since before many of of us were even born.

There are plenty of things that you can do to support this cause:

  • Share this blog post with others who are not aware of the KONY 2012 Campaign. Spread the word.
  • Click Here to Donate to Invisible Children
  • Click Here to Purchase KONY 2012 products
  • Click Here to Sign the Pledge
  • Plan your own “Cover the Night” efforts or find out if any activities are being planned in your city. If plastering the streets with stickers and posters isn’t your thing, maybe writing a blog post about Joseph Kony is… or maybe on April 20th you can encourage your friends to make a donation or plan your own viewing event for KONY 2012. If you have any other ideas for Cover the Night efforts, please comment below.

You have the power to make the world a better place… will you do it?



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  • I heard about this yesterday. I can't watch the video but I will definitely be getting involved. Thanks for posting this Nikki.

  • In reply to Expat in Chicago:

    You know what's crazy? I have heard about child soldiers when I was a kid, but I thought it was an issue from the 90's that got resolved. I don't know why I assumed it was fixed. They still show it in movies occasionally but I thought it was just for dramatic affect. You never see anything n the press about it, most people had no idea that this was going on...it's sad. I consider myself a realist, this can REALISTICALLY affect change so I want to do my part. Thanx for commenting, Expat :o)

  • Unbelievable. Thanks for posting. Crimes against children are the most difficult to comprehend, I will get involved. NOW.

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    Thanx for commenting Teppi. I have been looking to see if there are any organizations in Chicago that are supporting this movement, I haven't found one yet but if you do please let me know.

  • In reply to Nikki Lynette:

    Cover the Night Chicago 2012. Saw a page on Facebook about this event. Millenium Park Friday April 20 from 830 pm to 6 am. Hope this helps....

  • Awful. I will get involved and help make a difference. Thanks for getting the word out about Kony.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Thank you for reading it! I really look forward to seeing some of the ways people are gonna participate in Cover the Night on April 20th, it's going to be such an impactful day. I'm gonna keep spreading the word until then, as much as I can. Thanx for commenting :o)

  • Is there a Cover the Night meet-up planned for Chicago yet that anyone knows of??

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jessee:

    I was wondering the same

  • In reply to Jessee:

    Cover the Night Chicago 2012, there is an FB event page for it. People are going to meet in Milleniumt Park on April 20 from 8:30p-6a. I have no idea what actual initiatives the have planned to spread the word though. We don't really need a rally or a camp out. We need action.

  • Thanks Nikki. It's not just your generation that needs to be involved in stopping this man and so many others like him. It's all generations of every color, race, creed, economic status, etc. Please keep us posted on the planned event.

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    what city are they meeting up at

  • I was wondering if there are any plans for Cover the Night in Chicago. Im very interested in participating. I've googled and came up with one event that U of Chicago is planning but I'm not sure if it's only for their students/ staff . I would like to celebrate my 40th bday by making Joseph Kony.

  • by making Joseph Kony FAMOUS....

  • I saw a page on Facebook about Cover the Night Chicago 2012. So far there are a lot of people that are interested in going. Millenium Park Friday April 20 from 830 pm to 6 am

  • In reply to Deedee:

    The FB pageis the only Cover the Night Chicago activity that I know of, but if/wen I learn of more I will post them on this blog. Your birthday will be so memorable, that is a great way to welcome in the big 4-0.

  • No fan of Bush but your line: "Guess who the first president was who ever made steps to tackle this issue? Obama," is plain false, or worse, you know it's false and just wanted to play petty politics with a subject too serious for playing petty politics.

    It was under the Bush administration that the Pentagon first sent a team of counterterrorist advisers to train the Ugandan military in counterterrorism against the Lord's Resistance Army and also provided millions of dollars in fuel for the military and satellite communication technology.

    Get this right, it's important.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I have no idea what "playing petty politics" means. Sounds like a term thrown around by know-it-alls who wanna sound all political on bloggers' comment boards. I'm neither Republican nor Democrat so don't make assumptions about my intentions. Smart people know better than to assume.

    Futher, if you can provide me with information that states that the troops deployed to Uganda in 2010 for the purpose of taking down Joseph Kony were actually prededed by 100 troops sent for the same purpose by Bush, then I'll happily include that in the article. I mean, whatever Bush had done wasn't sucessful in raising awareness of this problem in America but I'm down to give Bush a shout out if you think it's important somehow to point out another one of his failures. No prob.

  • In reply to Nikki Lynette:

    "Playing politics" is another way of saying "whatever Bush had done wasn't sucessful in raising awareness of this problem in America but I'm down to give Bush a shout out if you think it's important somehow to point out another one of his failures. No prob."

    Alas, Bush didn't send troops, like I said, he was the first to send counterrorism advisers, and not nearly enough in my opinion. But he sent them nonetheless, plus a million in fuel and communication technology for the Ugandan military to fight this dude. Google will help here. In terms of raising awareness about the problem, I think twitter was in its infancy in 2006-2007. It probably would have helped to spread the word considering your validating your own knowledge of this issue as a trending topic and flashing twitter page.

  • In reply to gwill:

    With all due respect, I have no idea what the last sentence of your comment means, not sure if it was a jab or not so I'm ignoring it cuz...ya know..I can.

    Let me be frank, since I have no desire to keep playing comment board tic-tac-toe with you. I, like any other thinking person who blogged about this today, did some research on Joseph Kony before posting this article. I know that in either 2006 or 2007 Bush supported efforts to take down Kony's encampment by sending 17 UNARMED "counterterrorism advisers," many of whom WERE ALREADY THERE, to train Uganda's troops. When that didn't work he bailed. There was no public outcry about it so he didn't re-up & form another strategy, he bailed before they were able to accomplish anything except sending Kony's camp further into hiding. How can this be considered an effort to tackle this problem? How??? I'm not a political figure or anything, I'm just a girl trying to use her small bit of influence to raise awareness of an issue. If I have the info wrong or if there was more to Bush's efforts that I can't find online, if you do have that information please share it with me and I will gladly include it in my blog. Otherwise I don't understand your point for wanting to continue this discourse & I'm just gonna opt to not participate. Thanx for commenting.

  • In reply to Nikki Lynette:

    Nikki, we both agree with the overwhelming point here: Kony is a scumbag and deserves everything he will get. The problem I saw with your post is that you said Obama was "the first president was who ever made steps to tackle this issue?" It's my opinion this statement is false.

    from NYT article 10/14/11:
    "American efforts to combat the group also took place during the Bush administration, which authorized the Pentagon to send a team of 17 counterterrorism advisers to train Ugandan troops and provided millions of dollars worth of aid, including fuel trucks, satellite phones and night vision goggles, to the Ugandan army. Those efforts scattered segments of the LRA; its remnants dispersed and regrouped in Uganda’s neighbors."

    Thus, no matter how inadequate (as it seems now) the efforts Bush made to tackle the Kony issue, he did "take steps to tackle this issue." That's all. I like your posts just wanted to point that out.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I'll update the blog, but I still feel Bush sorta ran away with his tail between his legs. I think we both agree on that point. I'd known this was going in when I was 20, I would've participated in some sort of effort to demand that Bush continue to pursue this issue :o/ Thanx for the info G!

  • Great Blog Nikki! I have this same topic as a draft. My Freshman daughter came home with information from her school last week (which I think is awesome), and I was going to wait until closer to the April 20th date, but maybe I'll publish it sooner -- I have a different video, but I'd like to also provide a link to your site if you don't mind.

  • In reply to kirby:

    Sure, go for it! I'd be honored.

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    I have joined the good fight and I'm believing GOD can do the impossible!!! KONY WILL FALL...#NowWhereismyTshirt#?

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    GOOD job Nikki.....

  • In reply to Tamaria:
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    Nikki i live in a small city called Wildwood Florida, my daughter and i would love to joined in this small city, we have already got plenty attention and they are asking me can we start a support group here. My daughter name is Gabriella Aldebol & myself Sonia Santiago. Please let me know who to contact, do i need a permit ? Is the day on 4/20 20/20012 ? We are going to get our kits this friday, but how do we get big posters? God Bless!!!!!!!

  • In reply to Sonia Santiago:

    I'm not sure of how you can find out if your city has a Cover the Night event planned, I know that u can search on Facebook for it but if not then you might have to organize one yourself. It is definitely April 20th, 2012. From what I understand the kit comes with more info on ways to spread the word. I think it is awesome that you and your daughter are going to do this together, it is such a strong example of social responsibility that you are teaching her. Kudos!

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    Je suis tunisien et je souhaite participer à la nuit du 20 avril que doit-je faire ? I am Tunisian and I wish to attend the night of April 20 what should I do?

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    This entire movement is fake. It was exposed as a fraud weeks ago when it came out that Kony has been either exiled or dead for at least 5 years, that the founders were using most of the donations for luxury vacations and partying (then one of them went insane and masterbated in public and vandalized random cars), that the government Kony was fighting against (and who we're being asked to support) also employs child soldiers and commits many times more atrocities than Kony, that the people of Uganda are enraged by this movement and the lying propaganda documentary behind it, and that this is basically an excuse for more war and occupations of African countries to gain access to their natural resources (e.g. Uganda's recently discovered, massive, untapped oil fields.) So get over it, wake up, and get real.

  • In reply to Corby Harper:

    If you'd actually read this article or the follow up that I wrote instead of commenting upon it blindly, you would have noticed that THE MORAL OF THE STORY is that the children affected by these atrocities deserve to have their story heard and deserve support. The Ugandans who I spoke with told me that while Kony has been gone for 5 years the children who were once soldiers are still there, poor with no access to education, many of hem sick with nodding disease with no way to get medical attention. It is convenient to sweep it under the rug because nobody wants to deal with it. If you take issue with the way Invisible Children allocates money to raising awareness instead of direct aid then why not donate to a charity that gives direct aid? After learning about this, I started donating to a direct aid organization, they have no affiliation with Invisible Children and it only takes $40 a month to help. What did YOU do to help? Comment on some blogs? Tweet a few witty remarks against Invisible Children? Yeah, that's what I thought. Thanx for commenting.

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    Do u know what i love, how my middle school is even taking action and showing this video in classes, we have posters in our school too. I just wish that other schools would take action and help make kony famous.

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