Crappy Valentines Day: The top 20 offensive (and funny) V-day images

Crappy Valentines Day: The top 20 offensive (and funny) V-day images

Valentines Day was created in the year 496 AD as a holiday to honor the early Christian martyr Saint Valentine. After that became a bummer some 15th century dude came along and turned it into a time for love birds to show their affection for one another by buying each other stuff and spending time together (doesn’t that sound suspiciously similar to what we do on Christmas?) Luckily for us, it has also evolved into a time to create inappropriate and hilarious Valentines Day related memes to further ruin the sanctity of love and corrupt the masses. That’s the fun part.

Below is a collection of hilarious terrible pictures that are being spread around the blogosphere. DISCLAIMER: If you are easily offended and/or very sensitive, you might want to discontinue reading this blog. The views and opinions expressed by these memes are not necessarily those of ChicagoNow or me. Ok, I’m lying… some of them are opinions that are shared by me. Now that you’ve been warned, lets get on with the love fest!

1. It’s funny because it’s true.


2. They’ll be on Maury next year… just wait and see.


3. Wait… a 708 area code? THAT’S NEAR CHICAGO! I’m calling right now!


4. I didn’t even fall into the red category :o(

5. I don’t know if this is hilariously sad or sadly hilarious.


6. Bad romance.


7. She looks like the most fun you’ll ever regret having.


8. Bitter, much?


9. He seems to have his priorities in order.


10. Harsh.


11. Guess I’ll be telling the fellas to keep the flowers then.


12. You can’t handle the truth.


13. They’re just keeping it real.


14. The movie “Unfaithful” on sale for Valentines Day??? Really?


15. Any other day of the year being single is considered a GOOD thing!


16. Nothing says “I love you” like planning what to do with her dead body.


17. Honesty is SO gangsta.

18. Time to move out & get your own apartment.


19. Oh… I get it… because of divorce. Got it.


20. Do. Not. Resuscitate.


If you love this blog and/or are deeply offended by it, please feel free to comment below or on my Facebook page. Sappy Valentines Day, everybody!

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