The Grinch Who Owned Christmas: The top 25 offensive (and funny) Xmas images

The Grinch Who Owned Christmas: The top 25 offensive (and funny) Xmas images

Christmas, for many, is a time for loved ones to gather and show their love for one another by sharing gifts and spending time together. Apparently, it’s also a time to create inappropriate and hilarious Christmas related memes to further sully the internet and corrupt the masses. ‘Tis the season!

Below is a collection of hilarious terrible pictures that are gaining popularity around the blogosphere. DISCLAIMER: If you are easily offended and/or very religious, you might want to discontinue reading this blog, it could put a bit of a damper on your Christmas spirit. The views and opinions expressed by these memes are not necessarily those of ChicagoNow or me. Now that you’ve been warned, lets get on with the festivities!

1. It’s on. And this time…it’s personal.


2. Quick! Call a rich kid so we can find out if this is true!


3. Is Santa a drunk, or does he just have “swag” down to a science?


4. POW! Shots fired.


5. Santa has got some explaining to do…


6. I will neither confirm nor deny that I laughed out loud at this one.


7. It’s an O.J. Simpson Christmas. Hide your kids, hide your wife…


8. It reads: “It’s house trimming time at Sue Salah’s home in Royal Oak, Michigan, and the neighbors are dialing 911. Salah eventually took down her little Christmas joke after police complained about all the ‘injury’ calls they were getting.” – Daily Tribune


9. I don’t get it, either. But that did not stop me from laughing.


10. Emo Santa.


11. Looks like Santa was trying to get his bells jingled.


12. So are they saying we should save that for Christmas Day?


13. You can’t ignore the facts.


14. I’m looking for a word that means lame, creepy & uncalled for… help me out here…


15. Jay-Z would be so proud!


16. The epic battle continues…


17. I dunno why this one is so popular. If you do, let me know.


18. May he rest in peace.


19. Just how white would the Christmas have to be for them to stop being so pissed off?


20. Do you think that is where Santa gets the Christmas toys?


21. S-A-NTA


22. That’s racist! Funny and terribly racist!


23. I think they meant unwrapped toys. Otherwise something terrible is happening in Toyland…


24. I wonder what Mrs. Claus would have to say about this. Hope Santa got a prenup.


25. If you’ve never seen Santa Claus get bitch-slapped, today’s the day.



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