I am butt naked with wet hair writing this blog but I have to post it now before people get here!

Ok… so I am at home right now getting ready for South By Southwest in Austin,
Texas. Doing my hair takes forever, and I have to get it done before my background singers get here because I hate doing ym hair with clothes on. It’s super long and my clothes end wet, then I feel cold so I gotta crank the heat, then it gets too hot… blah blah blah. Ignore me. ANYWAY…Me & my back up girls, Jahmilah & Keeley, and my good
homey Jana
, and my guitar player Ty got all of our wardrobe worked out
today and now we’re totally ready to go. And my partner in crime Matt
Hennessy is gonna go to South By Southwest, too!!!!!!

What is South By Southwest? A huge festival for the arts in Austin, Texas. Google that shit! I will keep you guys up to date on all of the happenings in Austin, at least to the best of my abilities because I will be there on business. As you might already know, I have been busy as hell…but in a good way that totally rocks.
I have somewhere between 3 and 5 shows
booked during South By Southwest. I won’t know for sure until I get
there. I am so stoked. Of the shows I am doing, these are the only 2
that I have a flier for:

 This is the only early performance that I am
scheduled to do during SXSW, so if you are an early bird (or even a noon
bird) come check me out at 12:30pm. This is totally gonna be an awesome
show. It might be UStreamed live, I am still waiting to here back about
it. Even if it’s not, I am going to tape it and  I’ll post it
immediately, because filming shows and showing them to people is
important. I don’t know why…
it just is!

I am stoked about this show, not only because i its
the official Chicago showcase, but because a lot of my friends are on
the bill as well. People like Mic Terror, Pugs Atoms, Million $ Mano,
GLC, they put on a hell of a show. It’s from 10pm to 3am, so come ready
to rock out for the night because Chicago parties kick ass. And I’m not
just staying that because I’m from Chicago…I am saying it because its
true as hellllll :o)

Of course, my performance is gonna be insane so if you’ll be in Austin
during the festival, I urge you to come out. Any members of Team Bad Ass
YOU’LL BE THERE SO THAT WE CAN HANG OUT! If I leave Austin without
hanging with any Teamsters I’m gonna quit doing music & go to barber
college so I can spend my days playing with mens’ heads. Don’t test
me…I’ll totally do it.

Alsoooo….did I mention that I’ve licensed music to MTV, VH1, Showtime,
and now Fox? Yup! That’s a relatively new development…more about that

On this trip, I am going to be using hair care products provided by the
bad ass ladies of Curly Coif. They are developing a new product line for
ethnic hair care and have given a bunch of stuff to me & my girls
to try it out & let my readers know how it works. Me and my girls
all have natural hair; Jahmilah is bi-racial and her hair is fine
textured & really thick, her hair maintains moisture well but she
has to stay on top of moisturizing her scalp. My mom is mixed so my hair
is only slightly more course than Jahmilah’s, but my hair needs more
moisture than hers PLUS I’m tender headed. (That is why I grew
dreadlocks. There! I said it!) Keeley wears a short kinky fro, her hair
is a course texture so it is super curly AND it has a bad ass red dye
job going on, and because she likes to define her curls she needs a
leave in conditioner that will give her moisture but won’t weigh her
hair down or look too oily. They gave me enough product for all 3 of us
to try and use daily, so I’ll keep you posted. If you have natural hair,
make sure to check back as all 3 of us give out perspective on the

And in case you forgot, Roses N’ Guns 2 is coming soon to an internet near you. Soon as hell!

Ok, I gotta go. I am butt naked with my wet hair dripping all over my
MacBook, I am about to give myself the Curly Coif hot oil treatment. Dueces!


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