I'm Weird

Let’s face it. We’re all (kind of) weird. From the little quirks, to the strange habits we have  – we all do things that are a bit out of the ordinary. That’s what makes us all so unique and beautiful!

Well, I am taking a leap and going to talk about some of my quirks, weird habits, and more. It’s good for the soul and good to laugh at ourselves once in awhile.

  1. I cannot walk over the grates in the sidewalks (I’m afraid they’ll break and I’ll fall in)
  2. I can’t sit backwards on a train or any moving vehicle (makes me motion sick)
  3. I bite and/or peel my lips
  4. I also pick my cuticles (although not very often)
  5. I grind my teeth at night (can we say stress!?)
  6. I count things – when I’m bored, waiting for an appointment or just sitting around – I count the things on the wall, the sides of a television, the cubes in a shelf etc. (and the number always has to end in a number ending in zero – 20/30/40 etc.)
  7. I’ve had migraines since I was in college. They’ve gotten worse since I had kids 16 years ago
  8. I’ve had high blood pressure since my first pregnancy too – and it never went down so I’m on high blood pressure medicine (and my BP even on medicine is 140/90)
  9. When I am sitting and don’t have shoes on, I tuck my toes under my feet – curled under.
  10. I have to sleep under a blanket even when I’m hot (it will protect me from a murderer!)
  11. I love the smell of my dogs feet and ears!
  12. I can’t drive behind ladder trucks – I’m afraid the ladder will fall and come right through the windshield and kill me (and this literally happened to my Great Grandfather, so I should have a phobia about it!)


It’s okay, you can laugh at me!  I laugh at myself.  Does anyone want to confess their weirdness?  Comment below.  It’s good to know we are not the only weird one on this planet!

Come on – join me!  Let’s make it a beautiful (weird) day!

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