School's Out for Summer...

Another school year done. Poof! Just like that.

Ifirst day last day 7th grade Briant’s amazing how fast it goes. My boys are going to be in 4th grade and 8th grade next year – technically “upperclassman” at both schools. At the elementary school the 4th and 5th graders are on the 2nd floor and considered the “head honchos”. And of course in middle school 8th grade is the last year before High School. O.M.G. I been crying about it for the past two days.

I kind of hate the end of the school year. I just wish they could stay small. It scares me that they’re growing up. The world is a scary place. My 13 year old still has so much to learn. First of all he needs to get himself organized. He’s not going to do very well in high school if he doesn’t figure that out next year. And his OCD mother is going to have a coronary if he doesn’t do something about it soon.

Secondly, he’s just still so naive about things. He’s a smart kid, but of course as a parent I wonder if he’ll make the right choices when and if he’s ever put in a bad situation. I just pray that we can teach him the right path and that he knows he can come to us with questions and that he can tell us anything. And we have yet to “tell him everything” – when and what do we tell him? Ugh…all those parenting decisions are so hard. I wish there was a class and a teacher to tell you what to do!

For some reason, it’s all hitting me hard this week – the thought that he’ll be off to high school in one year and exposed to so much more that I can control is freaking me out a bit and knowing that this past school year went so fast I know that the next one will go by even faster.

Then tonight he has soccer tryouts for his travel team. And the age break down for the teams changed dramatically and I’m nervous that there won’t be a team for him to play on this year because of that – which will upset him (and me)….so yet another thing for me to be freaking out about. It’s quite a stressful and emotional week for me…

BUT I know that he is getting all As and Bs on his report card – he’s such a great student! Even though he slacked a bit at the end of the year, he pulled it together and made sure to get those good grades! I’m very proud of him!

And we have a great summer planned! We’ll be doing lots of pool time, we have a vacation to California planned to see my dad and step mom and other fun things planned with friends and family!

first day last day 3rd grade PatrickMy soon to be 4th grader I’m sure will also receive good grades (we don’t have access to view his progress report like my older son) but I’m confident they will be excellent! He tried out and made his travel soccer team this week! So those nerves were settled on Tuesday.

The only other thing I’m nervous about is them fighting over the summer…but they promised me they’ll be good…we shall see!

They only have 89 days of beautiful [summer] days to prove it!

I hope you make it a beautiful day yourself!


UPDATE Fri. 5/27/16:
My boy made the soccer team!! It’s a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!

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