My Aching Soul

Saturday was my step dad’s 70th birthday. Only he wasn’t here to celebrate it. In September of 2016, my step dad Jim, was diagnosed with liver cancer. He went through a couple rounds of  Radioembolization Therapy., but that only shrunk the tumor a little.  Not enough to cure him.  During all of the testing for this therapy, the physicians found a problem with his heart and he... Read more »

Keep Doing Great Things

September 30, 2017 changed our lives forever.  We lost my step dad after a complication from a surgery. Unexpected. Shocking. Heartbreaking. Jim was a wonderful man.  He had a great laugh, loved my sister and I like his own, and loved my mom with his entire heart and soul. And if that’s not enough, he did... Read more »

I'm Weird

Let’s face it. We’re all (kind of) weird. From the little quirks, to the strange habits we have  – we all do things that are a bit out of the ordinary. That’s what makes us all so unique and beautiful! Well, I am taking a leap and going to talk about some of my quirks, weird... Read more »

Feeling Helpless

Nearly one year ago, we were preparing for my oldest son to have brain surgery.  He had been vomiting non stop, unable to keep any food down for 5 weeks. He was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst – a fluid filled brain cyst which was causing his nauseousness and vomiting (the body is an amazing... Read more »

Why is Today Beautiful?

Sometimes the day just doesn’t feel beautiful to me. Sometimes it’s just a bad day emotionally and as deep as I dig I cannot find a beautiful meaning to write about. The everyday happy things in life are always beautiful (healthy kids and family, job, great friends, roof over my head etc.) but the sad/angry emotions seem to... Read more »

334 Days...

It’s been 334 days since my step dad passed away unexpectedly. 334 days of sadness.  Not that I’m sad and mopey every single day.  But my heart aches every single day.  I NEVER thought it would be this hard. Some days are harder than others.  My first Father’s Day without him was really (really) hard. ... Read more »

Trying Again...

My eldest son (the one who just had brain surgery) had tryouts for his second year of the high school soccer team last week. I think I was way more nervous than he was.  See, the thing is – he was lazy all summer. Now he has every right to be, he did have brain surgery... Read more »

My Son Came Home from School with "the Stomach Flu" and had Brain Surgery 6 weeks later...

We had just come from a wonderful, yet bittersweet, Spring Break with my family.  My mom took us all on a one week Caribbean cruise to honor and celebrate the life of my step dad who passed away unexpectedly (and traumatically) exactly 6 months earlier. We had all gone on our first cruise together last... Read more »

First Father's Day with only 1 of my 2 dads...

This may sound horrible, but as a kid, I always felt kind of “unlucky” that I had two families. My parents have been divorced most of my life.  And my mom remarried when I was 5 and my dad when I was 8 years old. So I’ve basically always had two moms and two dads – a... Read more »


If I have learned anything about confidence – it’s been in the past two days! I went from this:                 To this:                 I am bald by choice. I shaved my head for St. Baldrick’s. Was I nervous? Sure. But I wanted... Read more »