Week 4 NFL Power Rankings, Chicago Bears Edition

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings, Chicago Bears Edition
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 24: The Chicago Bears lock arms for the national anthem prior to the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Soldier Field on September 24, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Bears finally got their first win of the young season against visiting Pittsburgh on Sunday. With that, here are the Week Four NFL power rankings from various media outlets around the web:

ESPN: 23 (Last week: 27)

“Glennon’s average pass has been the second shortest in the NFL so far this season, which hasn’t helped his overall efficiency, since his Total QBR ranks 27th in the league. With games against the Packers, Vikings, Ravens and Panthers upcoming, we might see Mitchell Trubisky sooner rather than later.”

NFL.com: 21 (Last week: 27)

“Nice effort by the Bears in the win over the Steelers, as Chicago continues to surprise folks this season. Love watching the tandem of Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, which feels less like a running back committee and more like the result of an offensive mindset: Push the ball downfield behind a talented line while creating occasional mismatches in the passing game through the use of the running backs. Additionally, the front seven in Chicago has impressed against both the Falcons’ Devonta Freeman and the Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell. Mike Glennon is still a concern, as Pittsburgh could’ve won the game, were it not for dropped interceptions.”

Yahoo Sports: 27 (Last week: 28)

“Just think, the Bears are really, really close to being 2-1 with wins over the Falcons and Steelers. They’ll be an interesting late-season team when the schedule gets much easier.”

USA Today: 23 (Last week: 30)

“Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen are quickly making a loud argument that they could be the preeminent running back tandem in the league.

CBS Sports: 29 (Last week: 29)

“Why don’t they just play Mitchell Trubisky? It’s clear they aren’t going anywhere.”

Walter Football: 26 (Last week: 27)

“The Bears may have won, but Marcus Cooper nearly cost his team the game with his idiot showboating tactics on the blocked field goal return. That play didn’t affect the result, but it easily could have. I still don’t understand what Cooper was thinking. Why even slow down before reaching the goal line? What does that do, exactly?

I blame these stupid touchdown celebrations for this. Cooper was probably trying to conjure up what to do when he reached the end zone, so he took his time crossing the goal line. This new rule has been a disaster. We have Odell Beckham Jr. peeing like a dog, and DeSean Jackson doing crazy jigs while down 31-17. The NFL needs to get rid of this nonsense.

At any rate, Chicago would be 2-1 right now had Jordan Howard not dropped a touchdown versus the Falcons. Kind of crazy, right?”

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