The Bears shock everyone by trading up to No. 2 to take Trubisky

The Bears shock everyone by trading up to No. 2 to take Trubisky
CHAPEL HILL, NC - NOVEMBER 25: Mitch Trubisky #10 of the North Carolina Tar Heels against the North Carolina State Wolfpack during their game at Kenan Stadium on November 25, 2016 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. North Carolina State won 28-21. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Thursday night started off with the expected as Cleveland took Texas A&M Myles Garrett No. 1 overall.

Moments later, the Bears made noise by trading up one spot to select North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky at No. 2.

The move with San Francisco cost Ryan Pace and company a third round pick (No. 67 overall), a fourth round pick (No. 111 overall) and a 2018 third round pick to move up to No. 2 from the No. 3 selection.

At first glance, the move is very strange to see. It caught nearly everyone by surprise. There had to be trade talks with other teams for that No. 2 selection and Pace likely felt that Trubisky would be taken before them.

That’s really the only explanation in my mind.

Despite signing veteran quarterback Mike Glennon this off-season and releasing Jay Cutler, the Bears’ front office just made a splash with the drafting of Trubisky.

At 6’2″, 222 lbs., Trubisky comes from a pro-style offense with the Tar Heels where he proved to be a dual-threat. However, he started just one season, coming as a junior where he threw for 3,748 yards, 30 passing touchdowns and six interceptions.

The potential is there with Trubisky and the thinking with Pace has to be a wait and see approach. They can develop him slowly behind a true professional in Glennon. Signed to a three-year, $45 million deal, the Bears can rid themselves of Glennon with just $3 million in dead money after this season.

This isn’t to say Glennon is as good as gone, but with salaries over $12 million the next two seasons, you have to believe that Trubisky will be ready to go in 2018 if not before that point.

Trubisky has a strong arm, can make good reads with eyes and his scrambling ability is very underrated.

I had the Bears taking Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas at No. 3 and he was taken there but it was by San Francisco instead.

This is going to be a highly talked about move for quite some time and Pace better hope that Trubisky pans out into a stud. He’s risking his future on this one player.

Everyone knows you need a franchise quarterback to go places and with Cutler gone after eight seasons, the Bears’ quarterback room will look a whole lot different.

Bears remaining picks:

Round 2 (No. 36)

Round 4 (No. 117)

Round 5 (No. 147)

Round 7 (No. 221)

Thoughts on the selection of Trubisky?

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  • Being a long time Bears fan, I've gone through the different stages: being, shock, mortified, anger, WTF, and acceptance.

    I admit I don't know much about how the draft really works, what you can and cannot trade, so on the surface it seemed like, why trade one position. But if other teams wanted Trubisky, he might be worth something. Also, I wasn't aware they had two 4th round picks (one now gone) to play with. I think they can still fill some holes with their remaining picks, not as many as if they kept them all but if the result is a QB who can be developed into a franchise starter, okay.

  • A team with so many holes to fill gives away 3 picks to move up 1 slot. It won't matter if Trubisky is the second coming if we have no secondary, no O-line depth, no pass rush. They should have gambled he'd be there w/ the 3rd pick, and if he wasn't, wait till next year when better QBs will probably be there. Or, perhaps, take Mahomes or Watson and draft a QB next year if need be.

    I predict this draft will be Paces' last.

  • In reply to Oneear:

    I agree, Oneear.

    Why in God's name would the Bears give up a 3rd and 4th in this year's draft (one of the deepest in recent memory and deep in positions of need) and a 3rd rounder next year for a guy who they very easily could've had without making that move?

    I mean, does it really set the Bears back if they don't have Trubisky? He needs coaching up so he likely won't play this season (or shouldn't until the last few weeks). Now, you've put a ton of pressure on this kid. The Bears gave a waaaay too much to get him which raises expectations amongst Bears fans that he will be the answer. He better be really f'ing good now.

    If you gave DeShone Kizer the same year to learn, would he not be the QB of the future? As of now, he could be had with the 2nd round pick. If they're that concerned about getting a quality QB, why not trade up from the 36th pick to get him?

    That way you could have a top defensive talent (Soloman Thomas or Jamal Adams), get Kizer with your 2nd pick if QB is so important or get one of the really good DBs at #36 (next year's draft has a lot of better QBs in it). AND you retain the 3rd and 4th rounders to further fill holes that you have at positions like WR, TE, OL, etc.

    Clearly, Pace and Co. think this guy is the answer. Now, he has to be. When picking that high in the draft, you can't afford to miss. If Trubisky isn't a difference maker, top 10 QB within a few years, the Bears will have missed a real opportunity to improve and Bears fans will misplace their frustration on Trubisky because Pace will have already been fired.

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