Former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler takes his talents to Mexico

Former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler takes his talents to Mexico
After an 8-year tenure with the Bears, Jay Cutler was released by the team earlier this month. He's pictured here with his wife Kristin Cavallari, vacationing in Mexico. Photo credit: kristincavallari's Instagram

On March 9th, the Bears decided to part ways with quarterback Jay Cutler after acquiring him in a blockbuster trade with Denver eight years ago (STORY HERE). This week, he’s taking time away with his celebrity wife Kristin Cavallari, as the parents of three vacationed in Tulum Beach, Mexico.

Cutler had been connected to the New York Jets before former teammate and quarterback Josh McCown signed there last Monday. For now, Cutler will have to wait out an opportunity following next month’s draft or perhaps prior to training camp if he, in fact, wants to play again.

Turning 34 at the end of next month and coming off a torn right labrum, Cutler could opt to spend time with his family and take more vacations like the one pictured above. That certainly doesn’t look too bad. Plus, he has made plenty of money in his career and has suffered some tough injuries. His body could use a break.

According to Sun-Times’ Patrick Finley, he says there is a sense this week at the NFL’s annual owners’ meeting that Cutler is going to retire.

A chance to be a backup would likely be there for Cutler, but that is something he’d have to embrace. Current Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase and the Bears offensive coordinator two seasons ago told Finley that he doesn’t understand the hatred towards Cutler.

“I see a guy that worked hard and did everything he could to try to help the team win, sacrificed his body,” Gase told the Sun-Times on Tuesday. “To me, he was an athletic quarterback that could throw the ball and when you got to third down, you could call the worst play possible and he was going to get you a conversion. He made a lot of the things we did look really good.”

In the meantime, Cutler’s wife posted a good amount of scenic shots from the vacation including one that she most certainly anticipates will be deleted. It is a picture of Cutler standing butt naked looking towards the ocean with the caption that reads: “Good times, no tan lines. Let the sea set you free.”

The notion that Jay doesn’t care certainly is holding true with that picture his wife took. We’ll see if he cares about playing anymore after 11 seasons in the league.

In case my last post gets deleted, he’s the unobstructed view #GonnaMissThisPlace

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You can view all the photos and more on Cavallari’s personal Instagram account.

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