Week 17 NFL Power Rankings, Chicago Bears Edition

Week 17 NFL Power Rankings, Chicago Bears Edition
Chicago Bears tight end Logan Paulsen separates his teammate Christian Jones, right, from Washington Redskins linebacker Terence Garvin, middle, during the second half at Soldier Field in Chicago on Saturday, Dec. 24, 2016. The Redskins won, 41-21. (Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)

The Bears came out flat in a 41-21 loss to Washington on Saturday. Here are the Week 17 NFL power rankings from various media outlets around the web:

ESPN: 27 (Last week: 27)

“Say what you want about QB Jay Cutler, but he has never thrown at least three interceptions in back-to-back games, something fourth-year QB Matt Barkley just accomplished for the Bears. The Bears cap off their season in Minnesota this Sunday.”

NFL.com: 27 (Last week: 27)

“The legend of Matt Barkley didn’t continue. Shocking to look at the box score and see five interceptions. Tried rewatching the game to see them, you know, to maybe do the ol’ shining of the turd. Nope. They were all ugly. Or, put in a language everyone can easily understand, Ryan Fitzpatrickish. Still, Barkley competes and tries to provide his team with a chance to win — he’s no Checkdown Charley. Or Charlie Whitehurst. Or Charley Pride Christmas album, which my Dad made us listen to every year. Barkley still threw for more than 300 yards and a couple of touchdowns. Cameron Meredith caught the first one. Think he’s a find for the Bears. Wish I could find that Christmas album.”

Fox Sports: 27 (Last week: 25)

“Well, so much for Matt Barkley potentially being a starter somewhere in 2017. He’s thrown eight interceptions in his last two games and it’s no surprise the Bears have had very little success of late. They remain one of the worst rosters in the NFL.”

Yahoo Sports: 27 (Last week: 27)

“Matt Barkley’s five-interception game might be a blessing in disguise. It avoids the Bears having those “maybe Barkley can be our long-term starter!” thoughts creep in their minds this offseason.”

USA Today: 28 (Last week: 27)

“Rookie RB Jordan Howard’s 1,178 rushing yards rank seventh in NFL. Too bad almost no one outside of Chicago has noticed amid miserable year.

CBS Sports: 29 (Last week: 29)

“So much for the idea that Matt Barkley might be the long-term starter. They have to fix the quarterback spot.”

Walter Football: 27 (Last week: 27)

“Matt Barkley has somehow been pretty competent in four of his five starts thus far. He imploded against the Redskins with five interceptions, but he had been playing well otherwise. Jordan Howard has been a forceful running back, while the defense performed well prior to playing Washington. The Bears also now have a dynamic downfield play-maker now that Alshon Jeffery is back from injury. The Bears are miles better than the other two-, three- and four-win teams in the NFL.”

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  • Based on the consensus 27, what are the 5 worse teams? Cleveland is apparently #32, but they won last week. Maybe what the analysts should explain is how the Bears are better than their #30 (based on reported draft order) position in the standings. Only Walter addressed that.

  • In reply to jack:

    In no particular order, the Rams, 49ers, Browns, Jets and Jaguars are all worse in my mind. Thanks for commenting Jack, I greatly appreciate it. A win next week would do the Bears very little good as they could fall from the No. 3 spot in the draft to No. 6.

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