Cup of Joe: A Letter to John Fox

Cup of Joe: A Letter to John Fox
TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 13: Head coach John Fox of the Chicago Bears yells from the sidelines during the first quarter of an NFL game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on November 13, 2016 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** John Fox

Written by Joe Tidei/Special to Bears Backer

Dear Coach Fox,

Sunday was one of the worst Bears games I can remember as a fan. That’s not an exaggeration. With the exception to Leonard Floyd, Jerrell Freeman, Jordan Howard, Pernell McPhee and a few others; it was a train wreck performance.

That may sound like hyperbole, but consider this; you dominated a good Vikings team two weeks ago, you were coming out of a bye week, key players were getting healthy and you were playing a mediocre Buccaneers team. What happened in Tampa Bay was a disaster.

Going into this season, most Bears fans understood it was a building year. A step forward from 2015 and a bridge to 2017. An assembly of playmakers, development of young talent and continuing to build a championship-caliber foundation as you are well respected for doing all these things.

What has happened through nine games is nothing short of shocking and embarrassing. Which begs the question; what the hell is going?

You operate in secrecy with the media and the fans. You don’t let much information out, which is understandable as you believe it gives you a competitive advantage. Bill Belichick has the same approach in New England.

But enough is enough. Someone needs to answer for this abomination and that person is you. Enough of the media games and enough avoiding questions. We deserve honesty and accountability.

This goes beyond Jay Cutler’s four turnovers and the unfortunate injuries your team has suffered. Your team looks unprepared, they make countless mental errors and whenever they get hit in the mouth, they don’t respond. That goes against everything you stand for as a coach. Your teams are usually mentally tough, poised and get better as the game goes along.

I never expected this team to contend for a Super Bowl and I thought they had a fringe shot at the playoffs, but I believed this team would realistically finish 8-8 or 9-7 because I saw the talent and I trusted the coaches in the building.

What upset me the most about yesterday though was that Howard was benched after his fumble. You claimed it was an Achilles injury, but after the game Howard said he was fine. Howard was carrying the offense before that fumble so if you were trying to send him a message, I don’t understand the point.

Why not bench Alshon Jeffery for his false start and holding penalty? Or Cutler for his turnovers? Howard needed to touch the ball a lot more than he did and you took away your best playmaker yesterday.

When you were hired last season, we were promised the clown show of years past were gone. This would be a well-run football operation building toward contending for a championship. Instead, we see a team worse than last year and incompetence reminiscent of the Marc Trestman era.

Your team has lost to three of the worst teams in the league; Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay and looked terrible in all three games. That is unacceptable.

I don’t want or care about a top-five pick because tanking and losing isn’t a good way to rebuild when the team is under performing. You can’t build something great on a weak foundation.

You’ll probably never read this and that’s fine, but I’m sure I speak for a majority of Bears fans who are just as disgusted as I am.

All I ask is that you face everyone, that you be honest with us for once because there is absolutely no way to explain the Jekyll and Hyde nature of this team.

Just tell us what is going on and whether or not you are the right man for this job. If you aren’t, please step aside so we can get someone in here to fix this.



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