Unnecessary Roughness Episode 2

Unnecessary Roughness Episode 2
A podcast all about the Chicago Bears with Jake Perper and Eli Hershkovich. Episode 2 (May 20, 2016).

Welcome to the Unnecessary Roughness podcast page. You can listen to the show in the attached link here, Unnecessary Roughness Episode 2 or head to archive.org.

Episode 2 Summary:

 – Willie Young extension? (0:00-8:26)
 – Bruce Gaston/cuts, signings (8:26-12:08)
 – Rookies that could make the team/Fangio on Floyd (12:09-21:06)
 – Curtis Johnson on Kevin White/Jordan Howard talk (21:07-28:53)
 – Jeffery situation/Practice with Patriots/Schedule talk (28:24-43:38)
 – One rookie who could start (43:19-45:41)
 – Twitter Mailbag (45:42-52:35)

Link: Unnecessary Roughness Episode 2

Past shows: Unnecessary Roughness Episode 1


If you have any comments or thoughts again please don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks for listening.

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