You Can't Not Laugh At Jay Cutler's Appearance With His Wife On The League

You Can't Not Laugh At Jay Cutler's Appearance With His Wife On The League

Jay Cutler and his wife Kristin Cutler, formerly Cavallari appeared together with their one-year old boy Camden on FXX’s fifth season of The League this week.

Kristin appeared in last season’s fourth episode titled “The Breastalyzer.” The only couple in the fantasy league made up of a bunch of funny characters is Kevin and Jenny MacArthur. In Kristin’s first appearance last season, Jenny met her in a baby class and wound up stealing her breast milk.

Early on in the episode Kevin and Jenny notice that the Cutler’s are present when taking a tour of their kids new preschool. Kevin quickly fantasizes about becoming friends with them and even going on road trips with the celebrity couple.

After Jay says “It’s nice meeting you Kev”, Kevin starts to fantasize about the road trip and even doing a little wife swapping. Kevin apologizes in the fantasy to Jay saying  “I’m sorry you gotta take one for the team”, Jay responds by saying “It’s cool man” like its totally nothing.

Kristin comes to the MacArthur’s home so the two kids can have a play date. Kevin quickly ruins it by making a fool of himself and bombarding Kristin with questions about if Jay is coming over. Then he smells up the room with a fart and blames it on his kid. Just moments later their kid tackles baby Camden for the breast milk Kristin just snagged from the fridge.

Kevin and Jenny are invited to an event at the Cutler’s mansion and soon there after rattle off a bunch of lies about their so-called “Dream Fantasy League.” Kevin goes upstairs to use the bathroom, but trouble looms outside as Kristin finds out that it was Jenny who stole her breast milk. Jenny runs upstairs to tell Kevin its time to go, but Kristin and Jay are right behind her. Kevin didn’t realize the spray he used to make the bad smell go away in the bathroom was spray paint. The door opens and Jay saves his best line for the end. See below.

Overall, it was a very weird episode for The League if any of you are familiar with the show. But Jay and his wife Kristin were very funny and both were naturals in their roles. Obviously, Kristin has years of acting experience, but Jay fit the bill despite his overly-preppy look the entire show.


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