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Lynn Huber: Creating a Career Out of Network Marketing

With my own foray into network marketing, I’ve been fortunate to cross paths with some amazing people. Lynn Huber is one of them.  Our love for SendOutCards had us crossing paths online.  Her posts caught my eye on Facebook–every day, she posts something uplifting and frequently provides something of value in everything she does.  I... Read more »

Don't Like Your Life? Make Different Choices

At a recent party, a friend was unloading about life.  “Man, I envy you– you’re really living the life!  You’re traveling, you’re out on the boat barefooting, you’re having fun!  I wish I could do that.” My friend went on to tell me how miserable his life had become.  How he wished he could enjoy... Read more »

Leslie Goldman: Freelance Writer Lands on the Today Show

A typical morning for Leslie Goldman finds her in front of her laptop writing away at eight a.m.  Three days a week, she works from home, twice a week she heads to the local coffee shop where she indulges in some liquid refreshment to keep her going.  She’s either pitching a story, meeting a deadline... Read more »